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My Goals and Plan - Comments?


I have not worked out with any real regularity in years. I’m 5’8", 190lbs - I’m not FAT, but I definately have some extra chubbiness, especially around my belly. Also, even when I used to workout a lot, my squat always sucked. Right now, I could probably bench about 225 max, deadlift 350, and squat (deep with good form) maybe 185 - probably not even that; my squat form is pretty bad. I always fall backwards when I try to squat low, although I can squat low while holding on to a doorknob or something.

I used to think my bad form was due to tight hip flexors, but now I think I just have pathetically weak hamstrings (perhaps originally due to tight hip flexors, but I think I’ve fixed my flexability). My good mornings are pretty weak too - around 165 with good form - which I think supports the weak hamstring theory.

So, my goals are: 1) start losing fat and gaining muscle. (I’m pretty sure just doing ANY exercise regularly and cutting out booze and junk food will accomplish this). 2) I want to get a solid, deep squat with great form (once I have this, I will switch to some sort of intensive squat program, like Smolov).

Here’s my plan:

[The “Warmup” is just 5x3 of Front Squats, Back Squats, and OH Squats, with VERY light weights, just focusing on speed and form. All other exercises are done 5x3, but about as heavy as I can go with good form.]

Sat: “Warmup” + Front Squats / Good Mornings / Bench Press

Sun: “Warmup” (with a couple light sets of pistols, pullups, dips added)


Tues: “Warmup” + Back Squats / Romanian Deadlifts / Bent-Over Rows

Wed: “Warmup” (with a couple light sets of pistols, pullups, dips added)

Thurs: “Warmup” + Overhead Squat / Sumo Deadlift / Military Press

Fri: “Warmup” (with a couple light sets of pistols, pullups, dips added)

Now, I know this may look like too much, but keep in mind that (aside from the Bench Press and the Sumo Deadlift) all my lifts are pathetically weak, especially all my “heavy” Squats - so I don’t think I’ll overtrain. For instance, I worked out today (sat), and my front squat was only 135, my good morning 135, and my bench around 200.

So, is this a good plan to get to my goals? Am I overlooking anything that would really help my weak hamstrings/squat?

Try reading Westside for Skinny Bastards. You can find it with the search engine. Whether you are skinny or not (in your case not), this is an excellent starting place. Search on Dr. Berardi or Dr. Lonnie Lowrey and read what they have on nutrition. This will get you on the way to where you want to go. You don’t have enough experience to design your own program.