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My Goal Is to Be 200 Lbs. @ 7% BF


I have been lifting since July and have changed my diet massively since then.

I use to be (6 foot) 192Ibs at like 16%+ bodyfat, now I am about 185Ibs at maybe 12-13% bodyfat? Just a guess.

My goal is to eventually reach 195-200Ibs @ 7% bodyfat.

Some people say it is easier to clean bulk to the desired weight and ten cut from there. Others say it is easier to cut to the approximate desired bodyfat %, then clean bulk and adjust after that again if need be.

My question is, why isn't that basically the same thing just in a different sequence?

Here are some links to my pics about 2 weeks ago. As of the last 2-3 weeks I am basically in a maintenence phase, but I really want to either cut or bulk starting now.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


Original JULY Photos at 191Ibs and a lot of BF


Photos as of September 2007


It doesn't seem like you have to go into a leaning phase at all man. If you want to increase your LBM while maintaining low levels of body fat, maybe even achieve some fatloss while you gain muscle mass, you should read CT's Carb Cycling Codex. I think the whole notion about going into mass phases and cutting phases is becoming something of an antiquated practice.

Carb Cycling Codex:

G-Flux (Energy Flux):

Good Luck


Let me rephrase the comment about bulking and cutting. It's not that they are antiquated, but now we see that there are better plans of attack (more convenient) than there were before. Or course, sometimes when one wants to get ridiculously lean, a cutting phase is required.
Anyway, just wanted to clarify that.


You look reasonably lean now, honestly I think your efforts would be best spent adding more muscle mass before trying to get shredded.


I second Pancho's suggestion, carb cycling will probably be your best bet. I've had notable success with the method.


They say the 12% bf is where the body is most anabolic so you should be in position now to add mass.

Read Dr. Squats' Zig Zag diet. It's similar to the carb cycling diets already posted but could give you more ideas.


I'd say you're in good shape to meet your goal. Good luck.



Who says this?

This comes up pretty regularly around here and the general consensus from the experts is that everyone is different. Some people will be most anabolic at 12%, some will be most anabolic 18 %. Your body doesnt go "Oh, Im at 12% bodyfat now, time to be anabolic". According to CT, the point at which you are most anabolic is relative to your own set point, which for many people is not 12% body fat.


It's just what I've seen written. Like you said, everyone's different so it makes sense for the OP to see what works now.