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My GNC Story


My GNC Story

I used to frequent GNC. Actually, I used to frequent Starbuck's- twice daily, to be exact- and GNC is right next door. Also anyone who knows me tends to call me a "health freak" or a "workout freak" or a "vitamin freak", etc....whatever....I'm some kind of freak to the rest of the world, I guess. Nonetheless, the freakishness of my nature has caused me to love visiting health food and health oriented establishments ever since I can remember. My very first memories of browsing wellness-related products was when I was around 6 or 7 and we shopped at Vim and Vigor. There was this new, amazing chewable vitamin C tablet with rosehips! Oh, how innovative! GASP!

Anyway, getting back to my story about frequenting GNC, there was this very fit young male salesman, maybe two or three years younger than I, who would strike up conversations with me while I would browse. I thought, oh, he's being friendly, how nice of him to help me out. There were other days when I'd choose not to patron GNC, but passed it on my way to and from Starbuck's, returning smiles and waves with the nice, sweet, friendly, helpful salesman. Sometimes when I was training in the local gym, he'd approach me and say hi and we'd exchange small talk. Harmless.

Then I moved out of that town and into the adjacent suburb, and I frequented a different Starbuck's. Well months passed before I visited my hometown Starbuck's-- hehe, hometown Starbuck's-- sounds kinda yuppie, eh? I visited the old GNC. The manager was operating the cash register. I asked him about my GNC acquaintance...he told me he was no longer with GNC. Then the manager asked me, "You're his stripper friend, right?"

Wait a minute. STRIPPER FRIEND? "Stripper friend? Where did you hear that from?" "Oh him, everytime you'd wave at him, he'd tell me 'there's my stripper friend Michelle again!"

Ok, the disclaimer. I'm not against strippers in any way, shape or form. I'm far from innocent myself, so I'd be calling the kettle black if I were to judge a stripper.

But the fact of the matter is that this guy knew that I was an ER Nurse, and HE LIED! "I'll have you know I'm an ER Nurse and NOT a stripper." The manager giggled.

The moral of the story: Beware of overly friendly vitamin salesmen!!! (Not reallly the moral of the story- there is no moral, but I didn't know how to end this one, I just wanted to tell the story because it's weird!)


What makes this even more odd is that the manager would mention this to your face.


unbelievable! well not really unbelievable .....anyway, what a story!!


What a tool.


Strippers are crazy sluts.

I love strippers.


So did you ask the GNC manager where your little homosexual friend was working now?

\|/ 3Toes


The manager was jealous and was lieing


Hmmm? Well that is kinda weird the manager said that to your face. He might just be a jerkoff/hater.

ALso, I used to work in a vitamin store :wink:


I would have thought you would have expected something like this from someone who fits this description?


Well it is GNC after all....


HAHAH! That's weird. lol


How come every GNC I have been to is staffed by tubby 20something Star trek geeks and old ladies? And THEY are trying to give me advice on working out. I will never ever never go in to a GNC again.


Neat story. But if you aren't a stripper, what's up with the new half-naked avatar? Not that I'm complaining!


Total lack of salesmanship pisses me off. Not just GNC.

Last night buying a new PVR at a tech store. I dealt with a salesman that used F like it was basic grammar.

The worst point is when other sales clerks would be bored and walk up to him and try to play games or mess with him while dealing with us. Then looking at me like I was in on the joke.

Oh, my best GNC story is after I had to deal with a clerk, everything she tried to push me into a stupid supplement, she said it was ok, because it was "all natural".

I told her "arsenic is all natural, I'm not taking it, please just sell me my greens plus"

Sad thing is, I knew she didn't know what arsenic was. She knew I busted her from context.


Thank you everybody for your comments. Hehe. Funny, but oh so weird. Another thing, the manager said the clerk had been "let go" due to "ethical concerns"...sheesh.


1) You are smoking hot. If I had a "nodding" relationship with you (that I knew wasn't going anywhere else), I would tell all kinds of lies about you in order to boost my ego. I'm sad like that.

2) GNC sucks. However, they did fund 99% of my early 1990s supplement usage with their 100% gaurantee. I would buy stuff, use it, then return one pill/scoop for a refund while complaining of getting the runs from the product. NO ONE ever questions the runs.


LOL Hey china, just ignore doogie... he's still undergoing treatment for that nasty meth habit.

This story illustrates why God invented asskickery. It is NOT COOL to tell tawdry stories about somebody... especially if they aren't true. If you are sad enough to think that regular life is too boring and you need to "embellish" it to sound cooler to your friends, then that just means that you are ultra-weak. Make your own life more interesting, and then you won't have to lie to anybody.

You gotta wonder why the "nice guy" GNC wanker said that about you. Even stranger is the fact that the manager said what he did. WTF is up with Hawaii nowadays? Creeps... :slightly_smiling:


Maybe he used to say it as a joke, I sometimes might say "that's my gay friend" when people ask me who's he but I'm joking of course...no seriously...lol

It just sounds sureal that you had this conversation with him , I bet you like the manager now bcos he was so nice to you telling you the truth about that 'creepy guy'...lol now he can go and tell his friends that you're HIS stripper friend.




OMG....I'm.....going......to.... fall.....off.....the.....chair .....cracking....up......