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My Girl's Ex (His Workout)

So I was talking to my girlfriend last night, and somehow the topic came to her ex-boyfriend. Now I go to school with the guy, and he's about as ripped as a piece of paper. Very, very skinny. Anyway, she goes on to tell me that he works out at the gym. I say, "O really? What does he do?" She says, "Crunches and bicep curls." That made me laugh so hard. But then I got depressed because I couldn't share with her why that was so funny. So, I'm posting this in a place where everyone understands. Now I feel better. HAHAH!


lol, probably as stong as a piece of paper too!


yeah, hilarious. Thanks for that...




So it's funny that you lost your girl to someone who's exercise program is made up of only crunches and bicep curls?


Don't forget the pink shirts with the collars up.


No, that guy was his gf's ex ... not the other way around




What happened to Bush's education policy? I guess somebody did get left behind.


Ah. I read this topic as "My Ex Girl's (His Workout)".

It was really late when I read it. >_>


Why is YOUR girl talking about her ex? Perhaps more crunches and bicep curls are needed... : )


wow...so no one can talk about anyone they've known in the past ever? Man, secure much? :slightly_smiling:


Ask him to come over to lift with you, and if he does, use him like a club-bell.

Not for any particular reason, but just cause you can.


The sad part is that I thought harder reading that post than I did all day at school.


No brother, you miss my point. I was just having a dig at him by implying that maybe his girl is hinting for him to work his biceps and abs more. We know the girls love the metro look...


Funny. This reminds me...

I was watching the movie "Colors" this weekend and there's a scene where Sean Penn is in the gym doing seated bicep curls, and I started laughing - my wife didn't get it and it was pointless to explain it to her.



I did 6x6 today

ATG Squats
Bench Press

thats what I use for my powerlifting workout & probably get more ripped from this workout than any of my other workouts.


Your profile says you are 6' 167..not exactly numbers which allow you to gloat about your extreme knowledge when it comes to bodybuilding. How old are you 15?


Many people have touted 6x4 as a solid set/rep guideline, but I do prefer the extra volume of a 6x6.


Isn't 6' 167 Very, Very Skinny? I'd actually add another 'very' to that. Why could you not share how funny you think his workout is?