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My Girlfriend

My girlfriend is 125 pounds… has a bit of a stomach and wants to lose some weight. She has no hips and no butt and knows that losing 5 pounds will make them both smaller. She’s asked me for advice, I told her to…

First lose the 5 pounds, by dieting and cardio, then start a lifting program with lifts like squatting, glute ham raise, hip abductors, ect., while eating a little more protein and above maintenance calories. Is this correct? Anything else she can do to get a flatter stomach, bigger butt, wider hips, all at the same time? Come on, help me get something to grab onto!

I’d say you got it all right except for one thing. Start her lifting right away! No reason to wait…

So start off w/a hypocaloric diet matched with the lifting program of your choice and cardio to top it off.

Get her on a lifting program and get her diet in tune and everything will fall into place. If she puts on some muscle it will help her shed the fat.

Thanks for the replies.

Any good exercises besides the ones I mentioned, specifically something for the hips?

Encourage her to concentrate on body fat %, rather than scale weight…this will help her to keep her butt.

If she wants more of a butt, introduce her to squats. Trust me.

Squats will certainly help build a rounder, higher and firmer bottom. Isn’t anything to be done to add hips. Slim hips is body structure.

I agree with the above. Start her lifting right away. Why wait? The increased muscle mass will make it easier for her to drop bodyfat. Also, don’t direct her towards losing a specific amount of weight (i.e., 5lbs). Focus on her appearance and/or measurements. For appearance I’d recommend taking pictures every 4 weeks to show progression. Take measurements all over (not just those areas in question) as weight does not always come off where you want it to first.

As for lifting, I’m assuming you meant a program INCLUDING the exercises listed not just doing those few lifts. If you didn’t mean that you should change your plan as the overall amount of muscle she has everywhere will burn fat.

Other exercises I find that hit the glutes are deadlifts, pullthroughs, single leg presses, and plie squats (stand wide and squat with a dumbbell between your legs).

Hope that helps.