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My Girlfriend has major PMS help!!!

Do any guys have girlfriends out there with severe PMS hormonal problems? Man, my girlfriend turns into a psycho bitch when she has hormonal fluctuations. Any men or women have advice out there on supplements that can help her out. It is pretty unnerving to say the least. It feels like she has multiple personalities and goes from sweet and nice to the incredible hulk ready to kill anything in her way! HELP!!!

Give her, (or slip her), 10mg of Valium or 1mg of Xanax. Calm the Bitch down so you guys can enjoy each other instead of avoiding each other.


There is some herbal stuff supposedly designed to calm bitch syndrome down, I don’t know if they work because I have never tried them. I like the xanax idea. Or just dump her and go to the gym, get drunk and screw somebody you don’t know. That will fix PMS big time!

Hi Mark. On a little more serious note, I would suggest that your girlfriend try supplementing with calcium the week before her period starts. Hormonal changes just before the onset causes the blood calcium to drop drastically, which often produces cramping in the uterus, bloating, extreme irritability, insomnia, leg cramps, etc. If she decides to try this, she should have a chelated calcium supplement (1 or 2 grams daily, more as needed, plus whatever milk she drinks), enough fat with the supplement to assure proper digestion (calcium can’t be absorbed properly without the presence of fat and an acid digestive medium in the stomach), vitamin E and probably some vitamin D. This return saved my girlfriend’s sanity several months ago. She had had PMS really bad all her life, mood swings, terrible insomnia, crippling uterine cramps, you name it. She tried this little gimick with Ca and changed her diet to avoid simple sugars. The first month, she didn’t even know she was premenstrual until she started flowing, and no cramps. It hasn’t been quite that faultless every time since then, but the improvement is so great that she, and everybody else, can tolerate it just fine.

Your girlfriend should also look closely at every aspect of her diet. How much protein does she eat? Does she drink milk? How much sugar? Too much phosphorus, for example, and whatever calcium she eats at the same time will turn into insoluble compounds in the gut and pass out in the feces. Low blood Ca can affect the blood sugar. Not enough protein, and/or vitamin C, and edema becomes a problem. Not enough magnesium and you have a similar problem as low Ca.

Hope this helps.

Prozac or one of the other Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

Thanks for all the advice so far! Appreciate it!

along with the calcium aspect you could even consider adding 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone aka FGP in although it might be a bit extreme and not necessargy

My girlfriend has a very bad attitude no matter what day in the month it is. So I was fed up and bought her an herbal product filled with calming herbs like St-John’s Wort. I emptied a vitamin/mineral bottle and filled it with the other product. She actually thinks she is taking a multivitamin each morning but in fact, she is using a bitch-calming pill. Who cares if she’s vitamin deficient? So far, so good…

Go to Webmd.com and search PMDD,Be loving and forgiving,VooDooChile

I could be wrong, but I think Dr. Atkins and the low carb gurus say that a low carb diet can ease menstration problems. I read that either in the Atkins book or maybe Protein Power or the Zone. Wait, it might have been the Metabolic Diet- Hell, they’re all about the same.

Dr. Atkins, quite understandably, takes a lot of flak, but his “Vita-Nutrient Solution” book holds a lot of valuable information and, unlike his diet books, has lots of references to back it up. I can’t recall the recommendations any longer, but they included high doses of folic acid. You might want to go to a book store and take a flip through the book. Many of his nutrient supplementation suggestions have panned out for my friends and family.

50 mg of vitamin B6, 100 to 600 mg of vitamin E and six 500 mg caps of evening primrose split into 2 or 3 doses a day. This should help with irratability, cramping and bloating. Something I read in The Nutrition SuperBook 2 the Good Fats and Oils.

I’ve read that evening primrose oil can help women with symptoms of their periods. If all else fails call a priest and perform an excorcism

Personally, my mood swings are quite mild (thank God!!!) but I used to get TERRIBLE cramping which would keep me you at night and that would make me really grouchy…

First of all…do NOT give her any medications or herbal suppliments with out telling her. Herbs can have interactions with perscription drugs, and if you are giving her somehting without her knowledge and she gets a prescription from her Dr. you could do her some REAL harm.

One very simple solution to cramps and bloating is plenty of water every day. NOT soda or sports drinks. Straight H2O. The more water in her system the less cramping she will get, however, she needs to drink throughout her entire cycle, not just the week she has her period.

Taking the Pill can also help with mood swings and cramps as the menstural cycle evens out and hormone levels are controlled instead of going crazy. Added benefits of the pill are a perfictly regulated cycle, and after a while (six months or so) it gets shorter and much lighter. It also helps with acne problems. And reduces the risk of come cancers.

There are a number of herbal teas you may ask her to try, but get some honey, as some of them are quite nasty tasting.

Before going on the pill, someone suggested I eliminate dairy products for the week before my peroid, I think that worked (I did it back in High School) but she’ll need to get calcuim another way.

For those of you who made not-so-supportive remarks, PMS is caused by hormones and can not be controlled by the person who has the symptoms. Trust me, she knows after the fact that she is was being a raving lunatic but it is not evident to her at the time she is being loony.

Good luck!!!

The Xanax always worked for me. A little goes a long way. I split a 25 mg. tablet and take only 1/4 of it. The edge just melts away and I can still function (i.e. drive, work).