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My girl doesn't like sex =(

So, Axy, what you’re saying is you have to have sex to be in a realtionship? How many of you guys actually think that? I think this warrents a new thread…

Thanks for the responses. And yes, I do enjoy spending time with her, but sex is also a part of a relationship for me - a major part. It’s getting better lately, and I think the problem is mainly that I’m pretty well endowed and she has a small garage. Feel free to make anymore comments or whatever on this thread, but I think my problems are about solved. Thanks again.

GM, yes, I am nuts, and proud of it, thanks for asking. Read my post once again if you do not fully comprehend it, I never said sex is all and everything in a relationship, but life is too short to deal with mentally fucked up female individuals with underdeveloped, suppressed or degenerative sexuality. Michelle, I already replied to your new post (topic) before this one. :slight_smile:

Could it be possible that Merlin’s unhappy girlfriend is allergic to latex? Assuming Merlin is a considerate guy and wears condoms, a latex allergy could wreak all sorts of havoc with sex. An allergy to the lubricant or spermicide might also have an effect. Just a thought.

You should definitely keep going down on her. Just stick to that for a few times. Try to get her to orgasm from that. It can be tough. Talk to her to. Make sure that she knows that the sex is not the only reason you are around. And always make sure she is comfortable. Is there a difference between forcing sex on your girlfriend or on a perfect stranger. I think not. It is like rape either way. And try a lubricant when you do have sex. I use waterbased. They may dry out a little faster, but that is why there is more than one application in a bottle. Plus, non waterbased can cause irritation at times and can weaken condoms,if you use them.