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My Getting Thin Log


Shooting for 8 weeks to get thin. goal day is Nov 6.
Starting stats,

232 lbs
24% BF

09/03 First Recorded day.
So far today:

30 minutes fasted cardio. Outdoor bike ride. Estimated avg heart rate 155.


Squats 155x8 x5 First day doing squats in years.
Leg ext ramp to 190
Leg curls ramp to 160
Seated Calf raises ramp to 180



30 minutes fasted cardio

Incline press 155x5x5
decline press 155x5x5
triceps pulldowns 70x10x3
triceps extensions
wrist curls 15x10x2
bodyweight ab work

20 minutes cardio hr 155 avg.


day off. went to the state fair ate garbage.



30 Minutes Fasted Cardio upon waking up.

Upright row machine horizontal grip: ramp to 230
vertical grip 280x3x5
pull downs ramp to 12
center grip 12x5x3
back extension 45x5x5

20minutes elliptical 155 avg heart rate.



skipped had too much work. mostly stayed on for diet though.


10 mile bike ride.


Weighted Lunges 100x20x3
Leg ext ramp to 200
Leg curls ramp to 190
Seated Calf raises ramp to 185

20 minutes elliptical 172 avg HR.


Today is the first day I've failed on my diet. Finished my left over state fair cookies... Idk 5 small cookies. I'll get over it. Hopefully I can make it to the gym after work tonight. Won't be off till 9:30pm and I started at 9:30am. Guess we'll see.

Trying to do a low carb diet(under 30g)low calorie(under 2200) each day. Also supplementing with HOT-ROX, Receptor Max, and Anaconda Protocol. Maybe it seems excessive as I'm still a beginner and I'm trying to cut some weight, but I think it will work.


Skipped Yesterday


Incline Press 155x10x3
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 100x5x5
Decline press 95x15x3
Triceps Extension 70x12x3


sit-ups 20x5
Leg Raises 10x5
Flutter Kicks 10x5
20 minutes eliptical

3 Mile Run Outside

Feeling Pretty beat up.



45 Minute Bike Ride upon waking...Fasted

Upper body Pull

Horizontal Grip Row Ramp to 270
Vertical Grip Row Ramp to 320
Pulldowns Ramp to 13
Center Grip to 14
Deadlifts...Learning, Did back extension after

Did some sit-ups...felt good, didn't count them

Eliptical for 20 minutes.



ran 2 miles walked 2 fasted

Squats 155x8x4
Leg Extension ramp to 210
Leg curls ramp to 205
seated calf extension ramp to 210
wrists rolls 35x2x 35sec

Elliptical 20 minutes 165 hr


45 minutes fasted bike ride


Incline 155x5x5
Dumbbell Shoulder press 100x5x5
decline 155x5x5
triceps extension 80x8x3

no cardio after had to rush to work.


Interesting, seems like we're in sort of the same boat here. (i'm 6'2 at 225) and just started my diet today.

I know you didn't ask for any advice, but honestly i think you need to up your carbs and calories. They only reason i say this is because eventually your weight loss will stall and you are going to have to cut your calories further, carbs further, or exercise more. And it doesn't seem like you have much to give in any of these categories.

The reason i say this is because i attempted to diet down last year and ended up losing about 10 pounds or so, and completely stalled for the 2nd month. I was intaking less than 50g of carbs a day and maybe 2000 calories.

On my diet this year i'm starting at around 3000 cals a day (healthy, mind you) and am going to progressively cut everything and add in cardio as progress stalls.


I guess what I'm thinking is that my progress will stall out when I hit the single digits for body fat. As of now I'm still having a hard time of gauging my fat loss. Starting anaconda at the same time I started a cut was smart and stupid at the same time. Creatine weight gain seems to be making it harder to measure my fat loss. I'm not really concerned about it yet though.

I'm 100% dedicated to this, so when I do stall out I will up my workouts, up my cardio, and if I find it necessary I will add cheat days to keep my fat loss hormones going. 5 years ago I was 180lbs and a collegiate track athlete. Last year I maxed out at 255lbs. I've dropped weight since then. I know what I have to do to be thin and fit, it just takes dedication. I won't give up.

One of my main motivators is bulletprooftiger.
Here's a link to his hub: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/BulletproofTiger#photos

Thanks for the interest, if I know people are watching it'll just be that much easier. I will definitely post pics at the end.


Sounds like you know what you're doing, I'll be checking back in to kick you in the ass though :wink:



Took my day off from the gym like I do every week.



Horizontal Grip Row Ramp to 280
Vertical Grip Row Ramp to 320
Pulldowns Ramp to 13
Center Grip to 14
Sit-ups 50x2


Pushups 25x3
Sit-ups 30x3
Lunges 20x2
Scissor Kicks 10x2
elliptical 20mins hr 155 avg



Squats 155x8x5
Weighted Lunges 100x8x2..Felt sore from yesterday
Leg extension tried to ramp to 235 still a bit too heavy
Leg curls ramp to 205
seated calf raises ramped to 210

20 minutes of elliptical 168 avg HR



Incline press 165x5x5
Dumbbell Shoulder press 50x5x5
Decline press 155x5x5
Triceps Extension 80x8x3
Wrists....Not going to record it all
Back extensions and sit-ups 20x5.

20 minutes elliptical 167 avg hr



Fasted 30min bike ride

Did an alternative pull workout.

20 minutes elliptical at 164 hr.