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My Get Shredded Diet Log

Hey dudes.

I just recently finished a six week clean bulk in which I went from 224lbs to 242lbs. As summer approaches, just like everyone else I want to shed some pounds. I’ve wanted to try to the GSD for awhile now, but the time never seemed right. Anyways, I know these threads are worthless without pictures/measurements so I will be rectifying that ASAP.

I’m following the guidelines and close as possible, taking in around 2300cals, 150g protein, 150g fat, and as little carbs as possible.

I’m supplementing with fish oil, CLA, BCAAs, and Creatine as per the GSD guidlines.

My lifting is very basic as it’s always been. Short workouts, usually never going over 30 minutes. Low reps, plenty of sets, mostly compound movements, and very little rest.

Cardio is kept to a very brisk 15 minute walk post-lifting.

I plan on staying on the diet 6 weeks. I’m also going to try and keep my refeeds as clean as possible.

Alright, I think I need to take a nap. This reduced calorie intake is taking its toll. Thanks for reading and hopefully this log ends up being entertaining and informative.

  • Eric