My 'Get Shredded Diet' Clinic

The thing I look forward to the most when logging on to T-Nation is reading through the new posts from the physique clinic’s. The motivation and dedication of those guys is inspirational, So much that many people have started there own Clinic’s, which again i look forward to reading the updates daily. The concept is genius, It’s helping people achieve there goals and increases their motivation to be deligent. Its also bringing people together, showing support for fellow T-men and bringing back the brotherhood of iron.

In leu of this influx of ‘homemade’ clinics, i wanted to join in on the action with a get Berardi’s get shredded influenced clinic.

Im doing this for the many of the very same reasons others have, for motivation, a clear goal to follow and a kick in the arse when things get tough.

My plan for this year is as follow:-

4 weeks of Get shredded dieting
2 weeks of transitioning off diet up to maintenance Kcals
16 weeks of lean gaining (increasing Calories 250-500 a week, until 1lb a week gain (max) is achieved

My goals are as follows:-

Deadlift 405lb x 3
squat 270 x 3
Bench press 220lb x 3
overhead press 180lb x 3
pull up + 112.5lb x 3
Dip 135lb x 3

I wanted to put all this down on here to boost my motivation even more than it already is. I dont want to lose sight of whats important to me to achieve.


160lbs, 5’7, Approx 12% BF (Calipers soon)

Non training days (BW X 9) 1440 : 1400kcals
Trainging days (BW X 11) 1760 : 1700Kcals

Meal splits:

meal 1 35/ 5-10/ 20
meal 2 35/ 0-5/ 5
meal 3 35/ 0-5/ 10
meal 4 35/ 0-5/ 5
meal 5 35/ 5-10/ 20

On training days - 30g whey + 40g Dextrose Peri/Pwo


Whey + Dextrose
BCAA + creatine (3g + 2.5g 4x daily)
Fish oils (10g daily)
Vitamin + mineral
Fibre (10g daily)

Training Starting Next Monday will be CW’s routine for Gustavpacho.

01/21/08 Day 1

Monday was my first day on the diet. i started the day with 30minutes of uphill walking on tredmill at 3mph

meals were as follows

2 eggs
100g cottage cheese
15 g whey
5 fish oils

3oz turkey
1 serving flax meal

4oz chicken
1 tomatoe
1 tbs olive oil

30minutes of uphill tredmill walking

6oz prawns
0.5 carrot
3 fish oil

100g cottage cheese
2 eggs
2 fish oils
0.5 tbs olive oil

I felt good this first day, not too much hunger, probably because of the introduction of the E+C

the Cardio was quite enjoyable, i just read some pages of the book i had for Xmas with the radio on in the background.

training for 01/21/08

I wanted to finish a block of training off before turning to the CW workout devised for the V diet so I did this session on monday and then the upper today (wednesday).

it went as follows

squat (5,4,3,5,4,3,5,4,3)
60kg 5, 75kg 4, 80kg 3
70kg 5, 80kg 4, 85kg 3
75kg 5, 80kg 4, 85kg 3

Rack deadlift (5,4,3,5,4,3,5,4,3)
70kg 5, 90kg 4, 110kg 3
80kg 5, 110kg 4, 120kg 3
100kg 5, 120kg 4, 130kg 3

The session went well, i cudnt progress from the previous session but ive just come back from a week skiing so its a little bit expected. I think my form on the last set of each improved though, so im happy

01/22/08 (im sorry but i dont like the way you put the date. its 22/01/08 FFS ;]

anyways, the day was pretty much the same as day 1. started the day with 30mins of uphill walking

went to college and got a ton of work done (im doing the equivalent of A levels (higher education) in Sport and Exercise Science. I think it must be the EC i forgot how focused you get.

Meals were the same as the previous day.

I did more uphill walking for 20mins in the evening before watching an episode of house and numbers.

P.s Who cant wait for lost to start!!! i know, deeply pathetic…

Finally up to the current day!

01/23/08 day 3

7am - EC (8mg&200mg)
20mins uphill walking

1/2 serving of whey 11/ 1/ 1


2 eggs
100g cottage cheese
5 fish oils
vitamin tablet

tin tuna
1oz reduced fat cheese
tomato 5oz
5g fibre

1:30pm train
30g whey+ 40g dextrose

tin tuna
1 egg
1tbs olive oil

still to come is…

4oz turkey
5 fish oil

100g cottage cheese
2 eggs
5g fibre
serving flax

Training today was upper strength

it went as follows

A1 Bench press (5,4,3,5,4,3,5,4,3)
A2 Bent over row (5,4,3,5,4,3,5,4,3)

B1 Military press 5X5
B2 Pull up 5X5

A1 50kg 5, 65kg 4, 70kg 3
60kg 5, 75kg 4, 80kg 3
70kg 5, 80kg 4, 85kg 3*

A2 50kg 5, 60kg 4, 70kg 3
60kg 5, 65kg 4, 75kg 3
65kg 5, 70kg 4, 72.5kg 3

B1 50kg, 55kg, 50kg, 50kg, 50kg
B2 +15kg X 5 sets

*failed on the last rep, my training partner helped me to complete the rep.

on the bent row, i went up in weight on the 2nd block for the 3rd rep too much and bounced it up abit so i reduced on the last block and used good form

session went well, pretty much the same as the last session, like the lower strength, but good form and after a week of skiing and 3rd day of restricted kcals, not a bad session. in fact i enjoyed the session alot had good energy in the gym and felt quite pumped

If anyone has any questions/advice lets be hearing you!

Good luck man, don’t know anything about the get shredded diet, but you’ve sparked my interest. Looking forward to seeing how it works out for you.

You can check out My Anabolic Diet Clinic here:

I guess it should be called my anabolic diet log though, because nobody posts there haha, but I’m still even more motivated than when I started.

I was looking at your goals - Do you have a time frame to reach these? Maybe you should put what your current maxes on these are, something I forgot to do when I started…

hey bro, thanks for stopping by. The get shredded diet can be found here:

I chose the get shredded diet because its been compared to the Velocity Diet in terms of the results it produces, and at the moment (and living in UK) i cant afford the supps. I have however, taken some of the ideas from the V-Diet (much props Shugs btw) like a pro/cho pwo shake, NEPA walks and additional fibre from pure psyllium husk.

The time frame for my goals are by the end of the year. Im totally focsed this year, I’ve put my plan in place and Im going to reach it, even exceed it. thats a good idea about the maxes. here we go:

All x3reps

deadlift 130kg
squat 90kg
bench press 85kg
over head press 60kg
pull up +30kg
dip +40kg

I should have some pictres up by the end of the day, i just need to find the damn charger and usb connection for my comp

01/24/08 day 4

Woke up in the middle of the night and swalled 3g bcaa, this is the first time ive actually had bcaa’s nocturnally

surprising though, i woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I took my E+C and BCAA+Creatine and headed to the tredmill for 30mins of uphill walking on 3.2mph (just the right speed to walk and read)

downed half a serving of whey, put 2 eggs in to boil and headed for a quick shower

got down stairs just in time for perfect eggs (placed into salted boiling water for 6-7mins, drained and put into cold water, then peel)

so breakfast was:
1/2 serving whey
2 eggs
bunch of lettuce leaves
10 cherry toms
5 fish oils


hr 46bpm

my plans for today are to go and find a thermometer to take my morning temp, a tape measure for measurements and a coffee grinder so that i can buy flax seeds in bulk and grind them myself. If anyone else can think of anything else might be worth getting give me a shout.

I’ll be sharing some random thoughts later on

Random thoughts

One of the things JB mentioned at the end of the article, is remembering what it feels like to diet for his clients. You start to realise what he means when you start dieting. You almost forget those extra bits that you need to include in your daily schedule to get shredded. Even if you think you�??re the strictest guy with your diet or training, I bet you�??ve just forgot how it is to diet, always figuring out ways to be more active throughout the day, getting adequate cardio in and the act of restricting kcals alone.

One things I�??ve come to appreciate more and more (even though its only been 4 days) is the amount of dedication and work put into the guys over at the physique clinic. I mean when you don�??t log into T-Nation for a day or two, log back in and see that theres a new page on one of the guys threads, read it (taking about 10mins or so) and be happy that there was something new to read. If you think about it those logs have taken time to produce, representing hard work put in in the gym and on the tredmill, and a day of �??perfect�?? eating for there specific goals. Its really admirable!

One thing ive noticed (which is expected) is being a lot more sore from my workouts, due to the calorie restrictions. It just goes to show what adequate nutrition can do for recovery.

Its almost become a game of seeing how active I can stay throughout the day. One of those things you don�??t think about again when your not dieting. When you consciously try to stay active you realise how actually unactive you are throughout the day.

I found a thermometer! So tomorrow morning will be the first temperature reading. I also found the charger for my camera, so I will take pictures tonight.

Guys, can someone tell me the best place to take my temperature? And im going to read back through the physique clinic threads and try and find the post but can someone briefly explain what the hr and temperature are to analyse, pretty sure its metabolism and overtraining but cannot remember which is which etc.



2 eggs
5 fish oil

100g turkey
1/2 carrot

100g chicken
1 serving flax

1 tin tuna
shredded lettuce
tbs olive oil
3oz brussel sprouts

going to make …

200g cottage cheese
a few olives
teaspoon fibre

a did another 20mins walking tonight to the shops and back to get some milk for the family. im feeling a little lethargic and stiff tonight, could be because i only had one dose of E+C (doubled up the Ephedrine to 16mg).

Ive taken some pictures and tryed to upload them before, however i dont thinks its worked. maybe in the wrong format, I will sort it out tomorrow. After my pre bed meal, im going to put my thermometer and BCAA’s next to my bed and watch the second half (that i miseed) of the borne ultimatum.

since ive finished my training block i either need to think of a training session for tomorrow or simply go straight into Waterbury’s V-Diet workout instead of waiting till monday. that i think i will do

anyways… keep training hard, 2008 is the year for everyone.

Goodluck… But as that newly coined phrase of Shugs goes, luck got nothing to do with it…

Pictures From 01/24/08

Damnit! someone gotta help me out here. Im trying to upload a photo but its not coming through. Ive edited it on photoshop and saved it as a Jpeg but to no avail. anyone?


morning stats

HR 46bpm
Temperature 96.08f
Weight 155lbs

meals for today

3g BCAA, E+C

100g cottage cheese
1/2 serving whey
5g fibre
vitamin & mineral

3g BCAA +2.5 g creatine

train - peri/pwo
30g whey
40g dextrose

3oz salmon
1/2 tin tuna
spinach & lettuce
1/2 tbs olive oil

3g BCAA + 2.5g creatine 1/2 serving whey

100g cottage cheese
brocolli & asparagus
3oz turkey
5 fish oil

100g cottage cheese
1/2 tuna
1 serving flax

So todays been quite a good day

taining - I decided to start CW’s V-diet program today instead of waiting until monday. the session was a nice change of pace.
7x3 30secs rest
A1 pull up +35lbs
A2 overhead squat 90lbs
A3 Dips +57lbs

I got a nice sweat from the circuits, i think i could have gone heavier but didnt want to jepradise the session. I did however, find the side planks easy (2x60second holds). I need to find a way to make them harder for the same amount of time.

tonight, i went out with my family to a restaurant… to watch them eat. i didnt want to miss out but i also didnt want to get there and have nothing appropriate to eat, so I ate jst before we left and then just drank water when we were there. It didnt seem to bother anyone that i wasnt eating so it was all good.

The restaurant is qite oldy worldy and they happened to have a folk band playing. half the restaurant was full with this band, which comprised 10-15 over 55’s playing acordians, penny whistles and banging sticks. quite the spectacle.

so, all in all, a good day. Im now going to bed

I think the genius as you call it
is to me about the experience and sharing
as it reveals it self.

Communicate your experiences with those like minded and
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