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My Generation and the Intelligent and Relentless Pursit of Hawt Abz


i've noticed that in the past 5 years, my generation's views on what is muscular has gone insane.
in 5th grade, i remember looking at pics of arnold wit my friends and being in awe.
now, everyone is after the skinny look. 3 "scary" examples below.


i remember a year ago one of my friends said he wanted to be "ripped". i asked him how much he weighed. 117 lbs@5ft10; his body's probably starving and he wants to be more cut. he took fat burners, did 1000 (no joke!)crunches a day, and ate 500 calories a day.

he had to go to the hospital a month later and was practically anorexic. all the crunches gave him back pain, so much that he quit the football team. he's 140 lbs@5ft11 now.


a week ago, me and my friends saw another set of pics of arnold. the responses were, "he's fat", "he probably has high cholesterol because i heard he ate a lot of meat". the best one:
"i heard his biceps exploded from the steroids."
this is what teenagers think of muscular men nowadays.


2 years ago, we were learning about the holocaust in 9th grade social studies. me and my freind had this conversation:

friend: "amandeep, i heard holocaust survivors were ripped when they were found. i even saw some pictures and they have awesome abs"

me: "that's not abs that's ribs. they were nearly dead when found and some died later because of malnutrition"

friend:"say whatever you want but they were more jacked than you"

WTF is wrong with my generation!

is muscle really viewed as bad!?

now the question:



I want to know how the fuck did your anorexic friend get on the football team in the first place.

Also, I call BS. Who in there right mind would think holocaust survivors are ripped? I have not met a single person who think that way. I know there's a trend for people to look skinny, but I don't think it went that far. It's more like fratboys in skinny jeans doing lots of curls.


there's no tryouts for our team


there's people stupid enough to believe holocaust surviovors are ripped lol


Eh, not much you can do. I'm hoping this is just a current trend and in the future general tastes will change, but again, not much you can do.


Cool story brah



you're in high school. most kids are stoopid. most people older are stoopid. this is one universal rule of the world


Who is 'Amandeep'?

I feel like I just totally fell into a joke.


the ringing question for me is, WHY are these people your "friends?"


Is it even possible for somebody who is 5'10" to be 117lbs?

I felt skinny as fuck when I was 117lbs and I am 8 inches shorter...


My old driver's license from a few years back says 5'10" and 120. It was a high estimate.


May of been on this site, but I saw something a while ago going through each decade showing the type of man that has the most desired look celebrity wise...

Now it's robert pattinson or w.e the fuck he's called.

I think back in the 60s it was clint eastwood according to what I read...

each decade, the archetype has got skinner and the jawline more feminine. There was also something to do with the female hormones escaping into drinking water because when women pass urine, apparently if theyre on the pill it ends up back in the water purifying centers and doesn't get filtered out and ends up back in our tap water... True or not thats pretty fucked up.


I really do hate to be THAT guy, but this was more alarming than anything else in the original post, to me.


lol, that was 2 years ago and i was morbidly obese so it's kinda hard to compare me to a holocaust survivor.

the point i was trying to show was that anyone with abs(or ribs) is viewed as "jacked"


Just as an expiriment, I decided to google image phrases such as "jacked" and "buff". There were some bodybuilders pictured, but the majority I would have to say were those duechey guys we all hate at the gym that raise up their wife beaters to check out their "hawt abs" between their endless sets of total body power curls. It makes mee sick. And yes, there were a few pics of that Robert Pattinson.


This is "jacked"???? I think I need bleach for my eyes to erase that image.


Is that a loogie hanging from his ass? Oh wait...oh nevermind I know what it is...gross


Def some truth to this. Most girls my age 23 (+/- a few years) want guys like Vin Diesel (aka Thibs haha) and think that the Brad Pitt from like Fight Club and the Twighlight guys look better than the average population, but could use some muscle (this could just be the girls I know though, so who knows). My little brothers girlfriend and other girls I know in that age group love the Twighlight guys and believe that that is 'built' 'hot' etc.

I don't get it.


I think a lot of it comes from the fact that obesity is becoming such a huge problem. Being skinny is attractive and a lot of people cant understand why you would actually want to gain weight.

Plus a lot of people simply dont understand muscle mass vs. leanness. You'll hear people say that Brad Pitt is "too muscular" because hes vascular and has veins popping out, even though he weighs a buck fifty. This is why people think Aaron Carter is on roids in that other thread, because hes really lean and people dont get the difference.


Honestly man I dont think they know wtf they want. They may tell you they like the Vin Diesel look because theyre into you and youre a bigger guy, or they dont want to hurt your feelings or w/e. Its all about how you carry yourself. I know one girl, before I hooked up with her, she was hanging out with this asian dude (whos funny as hell and really cool, but not jacked at all) and she was telling him she liked nerdy, funny guys. A few hours later shes telling me how she loves big meatheads.