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My General Strength/Mass Plan. What Do You Think?

Hello guys! I’m new on this forum and also english is not my origin language so I just want to say sorry for possible mistakes.

I post this topic because I wrote a simple program for myself and just want to know what other people think about it. I was following a little Starting Strength program but in general i was never very strict about programming. I want to improve my Big 3 lifts and overhead press and build some muscle mass (who don’t want?). I was inspired by reading Jim Wendlers books but my lifts are not so strong yet so 3 week proggression is too slow imho. I’m not a competitive powerlifter and i don’t want to be, but i like lifting since i try it about a year ago. I have seen many, many training templates but they always have something that i don’t like. I’m training for pleasure, for myself, so i won’t be following the program that is not fun for me.
I quess there will be much critisism abut my template but if there will be at least one guy who say “i like it” it will be nice for me:)

this is how it looks.

What do you think? :wink:

If you are following Jim’s plans, you should be progressing every workout; not every 3 weeks.

I would try following one of Jim’s programs in all honesty.


I would have alternated pushing and pressing, like pressing, chins, benching, and rows.

Squats and dead lifts on the same day? That’s ambitious! When you get to heavier weights, you should consider a squat day and a dead lift day. But then, I do box squats every day I go into the gym (three days a week).

My goal is to do each the lift twice a week, I really need frequency to improve my poor technique. Squatting and deadlifting in the same day is not very much challenging cause I take long rests between sets in lower body days and only one of each lift is “heavy”. When I was hitting the gym three days a week on full body training it was way more hard for me to rocover my lower back and legs. I forgot to tell that persentages in my plan are based on 90% of my PRs. I reached 160kg deadlift, 140kg squat, 122,5kg bench, but I decided to reduce weights on the bar a little bit (that’s why I base on 90%) and improve bar paths. I finished my 2nd week of this program and it feels good. I want to try it for 3 months (progress 2,5kg on upper body and 5kg on lower body each 2 week cycle) and check what will happen.

Are you asking for feedback in that you’re going to consider it? Or that you just want to hear someone tell you it’s ok to try this?

I agree with the recommendation to just find a 5/3/1 template that you like, there’s such a huge variety of them, and so many of them already hit the lifts multiple times per week. There’s an abundance on this site alone and Jim’s sites (free and private forum), and the books are a great resource as well (Beyond is amazing). Benefits to doing a 5/3/1 program as written over basing something vaguely off it trying to shortcut things:
-Experience of the guy writing the program is measured in decades.
-Programs have all been tested and monitored by said guy.
-No second guessing programming choices, as what you’re doing has been proven to work well on a huge amount/variety of people.

When I read “My General Strength/Mass Plan” I am assuming that you want to gain muscle size along with strength. I saw the workout plan and it’s not bad. But where is your nutrition plan? If you don’t eat more you will not gain mass…simple right?

Your intensity is not set up properly.

Read up on it before programming your own.

When someone gives you a recommendation, you say “Thank you”. Not “I’ll do my own anyways”

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Why do you have a 3x3 at 65% on the first week? This seems extremely pointless to me as 9 reps at 65 isn’t really going to do shit for volume. It looks a hell of a lot better than a lot of stuff that comes through this forum, but I just don’t get writing your own program until you’ve exhausted every other option. If this program makes you happy though, go for it and see how it goes for you

Do this varation. Good for the “slow progress” crowd…

If amrap means leaving two reps in the tank I think you’re doing just fine.