My Garage Gym

Today will be my first workout in my garage and i am pumped! I ran a 1.5 steel pipe across the inside of my garage which ill be using to attatch my blast straps too. I have 3 kettlebells, 18, 26, and 35 pounders, which i plan on using for tons of swings and cleans with, as well as all other fun shit…I also have a bunch of dbs ranging from 10lbs to 70lbs. For legs ill be doing split squats, goblet squats, overheard squats, and walking lunges up my driving which has a real nice incline.

I still have my gym membership as well so i can hit that up as well when needed. I use to do competitive powerlifting (bp 315, dl 515, sq 480 @ 181lbs raw) But i am now interested most in overall performance since ill be heading to the academy soon for the state police in about 6-8 months. O yes, and my stereo blasts nothing but heavy metal = ) anyway just thought id share what ive done with my plcae. Feel free to let me know of any ideas for exercises with anything! Ill also be getting some sandbags soon for some fun cardio days…

I can relate. Been training my new garage gym for two weeks and it has been ridiculously awesome. I was always afraid to go this route because Arnold said you should join a real gym if you want to reach your goals. I say horseshit.

My workouts are more productive without having to fight with soccer moms for equipment. Or hoping the only power rack will be open. You can play whatever music you want and the gym is open whenever you want it to be. You can drop weights, scream, grunt, use chalk and even bring workout beverages onto the gym floor. no lift is off limits.

In short it’s the ultimate hardcore gym. What are you missing? The shiniest new machines, possibly cables? Who needs it. Buff a$$ mofos predate all of that crap.

[quote]MiJuggernaut wrote:
I can relate. Been training my new garage gym for two weeks and it has been ridiculously awesome. I was always afraid to go this route because Arnold said you should join a real gym if you want to reach your goals. I say horseshit.

That was back when public gyms were more like garage gyms are today.

Im with you all! Ive been hitting the ‘shed’ for almost a year now and no complaints. ive got an old weider half rack bench combo, power tower and DB’s to 100lbs, plenty of weights to boot! love it! i have the cerwin vegas pumping at 4am! i use the driveway for cardio, have a pulling sled and an oak roller for fun days. the only thing i miss about the commercial gym are the soccer moms’ backsides!

I also love my garage gym! Still adding to my equipment though :slight_smile:

haha nice to see some people can relate! my freind just told me his uncle is getting rid of an old bench, and is actually gonna be dropping it off for me today, along with a bar, and about 400lbs of weight for the bar! so that way i can even do some hang cleans with bb, deadlifts, shoulder press, and all that stuff with a barbell if i want to…i must say, my workout today was awesome…you dont have to deal with ANYONE!! its just you, you can get into your own world and its sick…i sweated my ass off as well, but i like that alot, rather than having to work to get to a solid sweat in some gyms where they keep it way to cold…tomorrow morning ill be waking up around 6, riding my bike to the track and running between 1-2 miles than biking back home, which is about a solid mile as well…haha sorry for the long winded messages, im just excited about my new workout area

Just the basics for recommendations. Running, pull-ups and push-ups to get in shape for academy. And don’t get to bulky–you can bulk once your on the street.

No doubt man. I got a pull-up bar, weighted vest, kettlebells up to 24kg and a set of oly plate-loading dumbbells that can go up to 150 or so plus a barbell with 500 or so pounds of plates. I only do like 5 exercises but shit, if you can’t get strong on deadlifts, overhead press, weighted pushups, pullups and kettlebell stuff then you just aren’t working hard enough.

Winkroar3, thanks for the advice, i have upped my cardio in the past few months and have steadily been increasing it…i do 1 day consisiting of 20/40/60 yard sprints…another 2 days for my long distance run, which for me is about 2 miles, 3 if im feeling really good, and i have been sticking my miles at a steady 8minutes…than 1 day a week usually on a saturday or sunday ill take my bike out for a 5-7 mile ride, i also ride to the track each day when i go…i also run my long distance days on more of an off road course now and than…

Jtrinsey, your absolutely right about what you said! If you cant get strong doing all this stuff, than you gotta be a pussy who is just going through the motions not really giving a damn…but thats not me at all…so far i have gotten in 3 workouts in my garage gym and i cant believe i waited so long to do it!