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My Gaining Plan: Outlined

Hey Folks … today starts my gaining plan. I have everything outlined, from the GVT workout to my daily diet (broken down into meals, total calories, protein, fat, carbs, etc.) Please check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.bmxtreme.com/fitness/ And keep in mind I had the BALLS to post my before photo knowing that the after photo won’t come for a few months. This outline is intended to help both me and you. I’d love your feedback/suggestions, and I’d love to show others on how to put a plan together such as this. I will stick to this workout for 4-5 weeks and then explore another gaining routine. Thanks.

Hey GrowtH,

I like the fact that you have it all planned so well! Here would be my only suggestions. First I might split the leg and shoulder day. Either in a two a day type workout or into two different days. The reason is that if you really did all that work at the 402 tempo, not only would you be completely fried but you would have been in the gym for over 2 hrs. Unless you’re on something I think that might be too long. I also am cutting down before I do it and have 15 more pounds to go. I know that my metabolizism is so far down that jumping right into a 3900 calorie diet would add 5 pounds in a week in fat so be careful. You don’t mention what supplements you will be on! During my GVT I will be using the Androsol at 2x70 sprays for two weeks with the tribex/zma stack starting the second week and lasting until the six week. Then I think I will take 2 weeks and do light stuff to get ready for my next “cycle” if you will. Let me know how it goes since I will be doing the smae thing soon.
Thanks and good luck!

Drew, thanks so much for your comments. As for the leg/shoulder day … something to think about… I’ll give it a go the first time and see how it treats me. If it’s too much, I’ll try splitting it up into two workouts that day. Good idea. As for supplements, at the end of my diet, I think I stated I was doing a 2 week cycle of Androsol (70 sprays twice daily) and then onto Tribex. Also taking creatine with my Surge. As for the calories … yeah, the past 4 days I’ve been slowly bringing carbs back into my diet and upping my count so it wouldn’t be a total shock.

GrowtH, I like the outline. Nice job of posting everything! I can’t believe you are only 160lbs at 5’10". You actually look bigger than that (of course, I can’t see your legs, so maybe that is it). Nice job on dieting down. Now hopefully, you can keep your bodyfat low while gaining with Massive Eating and some hard training. I too tend to gain weight easily around the mid section. So I have to be careful when I start going crazy with all the eating!

The diet looks good. Let us know how it works for you. That is a lot of food to eat, but since you have a desk job, you should be able to get into a routine and follow it to the "T". Good luck bro!

I personally am not a big fan of GVT. But if that works for you, then go for it. I would rather go with something that incorporates more weight and slightly lower reps. Actually, Coach Davies workouts would probably help you keep your bodyfat low and gain crazy strength and size. So if you aren’t scared, you may want to give his programs a try. I’ll be doing the first workout tonight. And I’m looking forward to tearing it up! Functional strength is the way to go! :slight_smile:

NICE!! that is really a cool idea, the plan looks great i am sure it will u will reach ur goa…one suggestion on your diet insted of using 3 packets of oatmeal (i am assuming they are teh ones with the sugar and the unhealthy shit) you sould maybe try the rolled oats that come from a canister, there is a whole bunch of information from Shugs and jmb under a oatmeal thread, good luck

Great PDF file, you deffinitley got your organization skills down. I say go with it all, find out what works and what doesn’t then change it. I would change nothing, but I would add in T2 to your supplements - that way you don’t have to worry about putting on the extra poound of fat with the Massive Eating. The T2 works - I swear! And I would use Androsol for your entire 4-5 week plan. Long Androsol Cycles work - Please read my thread “A Big Thanks to T-Mag and Biotest” and you will see my results. Good Luck

Thanks for all the positive feedback … yeah, the oatmeal is rolled oats, no sugar added. Has some added bran to it. Unfortunately, I just finished a T2 cycle, so I have to wait a bit before I incorporate it back into my plan. As for fucntional training … I’m defintely going to get into that. But right now I’ve bumped up my bike riding (the trails pound the hell out of your body) and jiu-jitsu once a week, so right now my concentration is building the foundation. But Coach Davies’ workouts seem intense! I can’t wait. One step at a time.

GrowtH: First off: thanks for the bike info! It’s given me a great place to start! Now, on to your plan:

OUTSTANDING! I’ve always felt that it was most helpful to see what people do in the “real world” of everyday workin’ folks, because it has a LOT of practical application for the rest of us. As always, your insights have given me something to compare my own program to. Overall, your program looks great, so no criticisms; just some observations I’d like your opinion/comments on:

  1. It’s good to see someone pushing the protein to 2gms/pound (so do I). There seems to almost be a “trend” in some circles to advocate lower protein levels, even for the athelete.

2)GrowtH: On your macro’s. You push higher fat percentages (about 35%), BUT you are also ONE ACTIVE GUY! Is that the reason why, or in formulating your diet, things just worked out that way? I’m certainly pushing the fat to the 20% range (from 10%)and I feel better and am stronger.

  1. NOW THIS IS THE ONE THAT MADE ME SMILE: Using Massive Eating both to gain mass AND lose weight! (via caloric reduction!). This is what I do. I’ve gotten the impression on the Forum that people look at Massive Eating as “just” a “Mass Gaining” protocol. However; JB has clearly said you can use Massive Eating protocols for weight loss by a) decreasing total cals and b) increasing cardio. (I’d like your thoughts on this and thread on the Forum I wrote to JB on Diet/Mass Construction). I really think that there may be confusion on this topic OR am I just thinking wrong?

  2. Along those same lines: Your use of the Fat Fast. Could you have continued Lower Cal Massive Eating to reach your goals? In other words, did you use the Fat Fat because it was “quick and dirty” or was there some other advantage?

I am not too familiar with GVT, but from what I've read, you have a VERY solid regimen.

As I’ve said before to those that post their pics and programs: It takes Big Garbonzas to open yourself up to the criticism of this group, but when someone does, the info is INVALUABLE! THANKS, and keep up the great work!

Mufasa, thanks for all the kind words. I don’t think I could come close to obtaining my goals without a detailed plan. Anyway, to address your points … the fat % just came out that way. I needed to boost my total calories up yet I’m having a hard time consuming all this food. So I threw in 2 extra tbsp of flaxseed oil which adds a lot of EFA and calories. And dammit, it’s the nastiest shit in the world, but I do what I have to do, ha ha.

Personally, I think “Massive Eating” is the wrong name given to this eating plan because it CAN be used for both gaining and cutting. I realized that when I first tried it months ago with a high calorie plan and STILL lost fat. Maybe it should be called, “Smart Eating,” or “The Most Effective Meal Combination Plans,” or something to that effect. Anyway, my original goals were to get down to 7-8% BF, but my energy levels were getting so low, plus my libido was all but gone and I couldn’t take it any more. So the last week of Fat Fast was, yes, down and dirty. It’s time for me to gain now … and we all now that bigger muscles burn more fat.

Let me know if you need any more assistance with the bike hunt!

Mufasa, go the the page listed in this thread and contact me through it. I have some info I want to relay to you. Thanks.