My G-G-Generation

Off topic again but … I read that a generation is more or less the time between parents and children coming of age and is about 30 years. I dont vouch for the accuracy of that but Im wondering if there are any views on what things define the people or times of the baby boomers, “Xers” and “Ys” if there is actually a Y with significant differences. I think I can see cultural/lifestyle differences between the first two but if there is a Y that would make X maybe around 10 years.

Bump … WOW Great post Dre - I think Gen y is all about wallet chains and tatoos. Someone also referred to x and y as the chemical generation because of the rise of designer drugs. I just wish you would stop shoving communism down our throat in every last post.

Dre: Your original definition of a Generation is correct (of course, the 30 years is a rough average; maybe in some cases more; some less). The problem with this whole “X/Y” confusion is that it is TOTALLY commercially driven. Madison Avenue found a BONANZA in “Generation X” (or the Children of the Baby Boomers). Remember all the “X-experts” on T.V. and in print, and all the articles addressed toward that particular generation in “Time”, “Newsweek”, “People” and other publications? It got to the point of being almost nauseating, but BOY did it bring in the marketing moola. Hey, if you can DEFINE a group, you certainly can SELL to it. Well, Madison Avenue can’t wait 20-30 years for it’s next Bonanza, so here comes generation “Y”, which isn’t even a “true” generation, but a created one.

The Baby Boomers are those children born after WWII (1945-1964/65) and born to a RELATIVE period of posperity in this country (of course, this is a generality; plenty of people were not prosperus). The year 1957 saw more Americans born than at anytime in history and it represents a Generation (for better or worse)that has made its impact felt globally by it's shear numbers, will, and unwillingness to "grow old". There have been more technological, social and scientific changes brought about this generation that by any one generation in American History (although we should keep in mind that the Boomers parents are the ones that liberated the world from absolute Tyranny).

I could go on, but that's a start. Boomers; real generation. X; real gereration. Y; completely fabricated and non-existant.

Hey, I have a wallet chain and Tattoos! I got them so I could be a rebel, someone different, like all my friends…

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Good post Mufasa. I havent seen anything definitive about X but being one can see important things that have arisen during the period like widespread computer literacy, the internet, raves and dance music culture, rap culture, weird drugs like crack x and K, greater female independance etc. What is referred to as Y seems to be more or less the same although the numerous disparate subcultures that I remember sort of seem to have merged a little into one big mainstream. Then again, that a 30yos view. MB - how about that wallet chain reference - I saw it on another forum ;).

I’ve seen some references to the job-related differences between the current generation(s) and those which preceded them. Mostly, it is that the current generation(s) seem to lack the patience of their parents in attaining a certain lifestyle – the parents took 15-25 years to develop it, but the kids want it now. Unfortunatelt, the current economy just doesn’t support that pipe-dream. The other difference is the concept of a life-long career with one company. Our fore-fathers had the expectancy that they would get a good job with a good company, work their entire lives there, and the company would take care of them. Again, unfortunately, our economy, and current corporate politics, doesn’t support this. The current generation is the first to catch on to this, and feels just as much loyalty to a company as the company does to them. Hope that made sense, as I’m still a little groggy this morning.