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My Future Self

SSooooo now i lost my old one (sigh) im here to start a new one minus program/nutrition info.

Found this today, not in TC’s book pretty much sums up my mindset at the moment

That man amazes me with his outlook on things.

So ya going to the gym for Day 3 in 20 minutes thought id restart it again, found it quite helpfull just posting random shit helped me sleep better that all the babble was out of my head.

Thought for the day was where the fuck am i going in life.
Im everywhere and nowhere, i know lots of people but know no one, so im pruning my phonebook tonight even more tonight, whittle it even further down.

Read bartls story last night, the guys life fits perfectly onto mine freaky stuff whereas he got a free ride im paying for it ^^ (damn him xD)
That helps just to know that others use the gym for what i do just to relax and just lift some damn weights.

All for now more later.

So did my gym time all went well, but my fing LEGS are FING SORE, its been getting progressively worse over the course of the day, now if i sit down for 10 mins and stand up BAM PAIN. fucking OW.

Also while on the way back was thinking about that bloody word “tomorrow”
I admit im prone to doing it, except bloody tomorrow never comes (need a lawyer im suing time)
Like i KNOW i SHOULD do something preferably now over then but i get this little nudge (not a real one) just saying bah tomorrow do it tomorrow then i go do NOTHING constructive at all instead.

So i also know the 1st step to fixing a problem is admitting it, so i admit it ! Now fix me :confused:
Any hints ???
Preferably stuff i can use not some mental psycho babble, leave that to chris to handle :smiley: