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My Funny Meet Week Experience....


Well, im a raw powerlifter, but coming off a bad neck injury I decided to challenge a guy at my gym in this weekends bench for cash meet to 500. he has been struggling to get ther, and i dont know how to use a bench shirt. so its a way to make the event even more fun.

I learn the basics of a shirt and feel ready, he has been struggling to keep his ass on bench. we agreed to go in our normal weight class', him 220, me 242. but im heavy, im walking around at 262-not fat just eating alot of protein.

sunday before meet i start cutting my food intake & water a bit. Wednesday night i stop eating at 9pm, weigh myself thurs morn 256. i figure no food?water all day/night hit sauna in morning no problem to get 242. well thurs night, get home from school-251..shit. take a LAZ..a COUPLE!! next morning, no shitting, but after 45 mins of sauna 242 on button...yes!!!

Go weigh in @9am, 242.5..i run to bathroom-finger down throat=nothing, couple drops of pee...242.5. a guy weighing says "lets stand you upside down, get blood flow to head then try"... that didn't work. i had nothin to give & since i had to get to work i had to live with 242.5.

fuk me. i have all my fluids/food ready to go, started right away to put weight back on.. well a couple hours later the LAX took affect, and now im shitting uncontrollably till middle of night. Meet day i only put 12 lbs back on, felt real weak, but im determined to hit 500.

I miss 1st attempt @473, hit 501 in 2nd , missed 534 in 3rd attempt due to brain fart--elbows out, not in. almost tore elbow. He miss' 473 in 1st attempt, missed 501 in 2nd&3rd, but for some reason he got a 4th attempt due to order getting messed up. He gets 501 on 4th attempt, then there is a big argument that his ass came up, which i saw but didn't say anything because he grinded it out like a champ. so that was my weekend in my bench meet, thought some of you might get a chuckle out of it. I am now that its all over.


Lol I wonder why standing on your head would ever make you lose weight.. he might have been joking!