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My FSH Levels are Low, Test is Falling and It's Ruining My Life

21 years old, never used testosterone or any anabolic steroid.
The only illegal substances i have used are clenbuteral and marijuana.

I have not been getting spontaneous erections like I used to a year ago.
Occasionally i notice morning wood, which is slightly flaccid (its hard, but not as hard as it should be).
I can get an erection if i stroke myself to induce and erection, but even then its only 90% hard and only lasts a minute or two.

Prior to all this, about 6-8 months ago, i was getting solid, rock hard erections thrice a day, and I’d struggle to make sure that they weren’t prominent. Now they’re gone and i want them back.

(I have smoked marijuana 2-3 times a week for the entire second half of 2015, but between feb and april 2016, i was smoking every night, in slightly larger quantities)

In the first week of april 2016, i was about to run my first cycle of test only, so I did my bloodwork. This was when i found out that my fsh is low.

April bloods-

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - 1.27 (1.7 - 12.0 mIU/mL)
Luteinizing Hormone ( LH ) 4.14 (1.1 - 7)
Testosterone - 5.36 (3 - 10.6 ng/mL)
Serum Oestradiol ( E2 ) 40 (>60)
Prostatic Specific Antigen ( PSA ) - 0.72 (0.21 - 1.72 ng/mL)
Free testosterone - 18.81 (8.69 - 54.69)
DHT - 537 (250-990)

Went to a hormone specialist around 10th april, and she said that my low fsh levels were due to stress. Since i had been fairly stressed, had been working very hard and not been sleeping nearly enough.

Fast forward to June, for the past week, i have been sleeping for 8-9 hours, activity levels haven been low, I have started working out and eating healthy again, i haven’t been working and have no stress and I haven’t smoked. (I didn’t smoke for the entire month of May, then I smoked weed 4 times between may24th and 31st)

Did the bloods again today (only the bloods that the hormone specialist asked me to)

S.Prolactin - 15.1 (1.5 - 19 ng/mL)
Luteinizing Hormone - 5.99 (1.1 - 7.0 mIU/ml)
Testosterone - 4 (3 - 10.6 ng/mL)
FSH - 1.37 (1.7 - 12.0 mIU/mL)

Labs were done at 12 noon on an empty stomach. While my FSH has increased by a negligible 0.10, it is still out of range and my testosterone has fallen.

Please help me correct this. Could marijuana have caused this? I’ve searched google but haven’t gotten a definitive answer