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My friend's problem

I have this friend that says he is hypoglycemic and he always asks me how to get bigger. He doesnt eat any carbs because he says it makes him sick. I dont understand this whole thing, he eats all protein and fat. Someone enlighten me please… thanks

Eating omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, mackeral… and flax oil) as well as lipoic acid e.g. 300 mg/day in divided doses can increase your friends’ insulin sensitivy over time and lessen the problem. Also eating protein with carbs and sticking to low glycemic index carbs (slow cooking oatmeal, barley, lentils, berries…) can help avoid the symptoms that bother your friend. There are several relevant articles on T-mag one by JMB a few months ago where he talked about how to best come off a ketogenic diet and an earlier one by Cy wilson on insulin would also be helpful.

Hypoglycemic means low blood sugar, right? If you don’t eat carbs, then that sounds about right. I’m confused about your friend too. That is like avoiding fiber because you are constipated. Though you can get hypoglycemic from eating high GI carbs which can result in a rebound crash in blood sugar due to high levels of insulin, as long as you stick to low to moderate GI carbs, you should be fine.