My Friend Won a Women's Boxing Title

My friend won a title

Her name is Jill Emery she works with me from time to time

I caught up with her last week and she told us about this fight.
check it out

Emery-Martinez IFBA World Championship Fight - YouTube


Wow, Jill is quite an attractive female boxer.

The other girl… let’s just say an olympic title might now be out of reach since they npw have a mandatory gender test.

Congrats as for the title. Boxing is fuckin hard work.

Hey thanks!

In person she is actually attractive.
And yes her opponent did look kind of like a man.



Wow, congratulations to your friend! She finished strong, very nice.

At the end it was funny to hear a beautiful & feminine voice come out of such a tough girl.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for her.

Thank you Miss Parker

she is prettier in person, she busts her ass
and yes she is tough.