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My Friend the Idiot II

Unfortunately this guy never seems to stop, and he has the “I know everything, you are a fucking retard” mentality so telling him anything he doesn’t want to hear is impossible.

We were chatting last night and he told me he purchased a Tribulus product(probably the cheapest crap he could find). So he tells me that he GAVE SOME TO HIS GIRLFRIEND. I just stare at him and he goes on to tell me:
“it makes guys produce more testosterone so in girls it makes them produce more estrogen…so she got really horny”

I pretty much wanted to punch him in the face. However I figured rather than tell him how stupid he is, I just calmly asked him to not give anymore to his girlfriend, that it’s not designed for females, and if he wants to know why I would find some information to lay it out in detail(paging Cy Wilson, Cy to the front desk please). Now, granted what he got is probably garbage, and as far as I know she only took one dose, I can’t imagine it did much damage, but what are the effects of prolonged use in females, if even known?

my understanding of trib is that it’ll up test production in whoever takes it. yeah, the estrogen amp is BS, and he should be kicked in the teeth. i highly doubt that it’s gonna hurt her in any way. females do produce testosterone as well, but in minimal amounts. it’s kinda like guys and estrogen. she may have gotten kinda randy off of it, being one of the effects of increased test, but as far as his reasoning goes, if he wants to waste it or get a sub-par product, then by all means, have him continue. if his girl will take random supps without knowing what they’ll do to her, she may be in for more danger than benefit anyways.
i’ve been lifting for over 10 years and i’m still open to any info people offer to me. i validate it with research, though.

your friend IS an idiot

It may cause a hormonal imblance within her body if prolonged. He has no idea what he is doing nor is taking trib for the sake of taking trib benefeical at all, especially in a females case. Although im not aware of the problems from prolonged use its obviously harmful. A logic tells me that a hormonal balance may occur, since women have small amount of testoterone similarily as men have small amounts of estrogen if men can grow ‘man boobs’ from a hormonal imbalnce it obviously suggests that a homronal imbalance in a women may create future problems for her.

Tribulus increases endogenous T in men through the HPTA by increasing LH at the pituitary which in turn increases T production in the testicles.

Since your friend’s girlfriend probably doesn’t have testicles, she’s not going to experience the same effect.

Her increased sex drive is likely the result of elevated LH.

So, Tribulus probably isn’t going to hurt her.

So why is this dude your friend?

Isn’t it amazing? I am still stuck on him thinking increased estrogen is what makes his girlfriend horny after I smash my head in the door I’ll move on to whether or not it was safe for her.

All joking aside there is a serious lak of knowledge in this world example: I was working out and a young woman in the gym made a comment about something and we conversed for a bit mostly about training she preceeded to tell me she was doing cable crossovers for her back! I of course questioned this and she told me of course it works the back because as her arms came around to the front she could feel her upper outer back stretch! I guess the pump and fatigue in the front of her upper torso never clued her in but what ever at the end of the day except for funny stories is it even worth worrying about?

i have a friend who swears to god that NO2 Explode will make you bigger/stronger and protein isnt as good,i just stare at him with a blank face and try not to scream

and btw friend or not i would’ve knocked that guy for giving ANYTHING to his girl,no matter how dumb she was for taking it…though i am “over protective”

I have a friend that’s the same way.

Played I-AA outside linebacker at a very good school.

Is ripped to shreds, mostly because of metabolism.

Overtrains like a mofo.

Trains back as an afterthought, and 1/4 as much as the rest of his body.

Has an BA and MBA, well into the six figure range at 29.

Owns his own HUGE and immaculate townhome.

and WILL NOT listen to anything I say, no matter where I get the info from…

His reasoning:

  1. I’m not ripped, so I don’t know anything about diet.

  2. I don’t train 5-6 days a week or do 5 sets of 10 reps on every exercise, so I don’t train “as hard as he does.”

  3. My lifts are better than his ONLY because I have shorter arms and legs than he does.

  4. I don’t have my degree in Ex Science and am not certified as a trainer so the workouts I recommend CAN’T be as good as the strength coach from his College football days. He is still doing these college workouts BTW and his bench has only gone up 15 pounds in the 7 yrs since he left college.

  5. He doesn’t understand why I think curls in the squat rack are stupid, why doing deadlifts are important, and why I don’t have a whole day dedicated to training my arms.

I could go on and on and on…