My Friend Needs Help!

Hello all!
I have a friend who is attempting to become a chaplain in the Air Force. Well, he has been running for about 3 months in order to get in shape for Basic Training this summer. He just got back from his physical… and he failed it. His weight and BMI are too high.

Here’s what they told him to do. Lose 5-10 lbs. in the next 3 weeks AND put on some muscle mass.


I know the basics in nutrition and in weight lifting, however I thought that unless you were genetically disposed towards this, it was impossible to lose lots of weight and put on muscle mass at the same time.

So I am looking for both a diet that will help him on the goal, as well as a workout program for someone who has never lifted in his life.

Thank you!



his nutrition has to be PERFECT.

The leanest protein, or even the V-diet, might be appropriate for this case.

Really watch the carbs–only early and only complex.

And supp the hell out of fish oil and flax.

Water-Water-Water-Water…can’t get enough.

And, of course, Pray

I’m sure other people will post up links for training/diet info but I will say this:

A total newbie to training can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time fairly easy.

Also he probably doesnt need much more then a few days of weight lifting and a few days of cardio plus log his calorie intake and see what happens with the weight loss and adjust.

[quote]Jesus_Freak wrote:

I dunno I would say for fast fat loss the velocity diet is the best thing going right now. If he follows Chris’s instructions to the letter he should lose the weight pretty easily, on the other hand its brutal and if he’s carrying some body fat and never really dieted before I would think that a simple low carb with lots of protein would do it.5-10 pounds really isn’t THAT much in three weeks.As for training I think that CT’s OVT program would be okay good because its simple and effective for someone who has never lifted.

Here’s some links…check em out…

Velocity Diet

T- Dawg Diet


Just out of curiosity what was his weight and BMI and what are the pass levels?

[quote]jacross wrote:
Just out of curiosity what was his weight and BMI and what are the pass levels?[/quote]

His weight is 171 and his BMI was 25%. He basically needs to get down to 165 and keep most of his muscle mass.

I spoke to him some more since my post, and some of this is for after he is in the air force as well. He needs to be able to maintain his health in order to stay in and in case he ever gets called to active duty. So though some of this information will be used for the next 3 weeks, it will also go to use for after then as well.


Check out CT’s Running Man Article. That will help him strip fat while helping him for his run time.

Hey all,

Thanks for the advice. I got him started on his 5-6 meal a day plan last Friady and cutting out ALL simple carbs and concentrating on protein. He is keeping up his cardio, and lifting four times a week with me. Thanks for all your help!