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My Friend Julian


Well I have a friend of mine, real good friend. He is a model and he came to me and asked me what he should do so I told him. He recently sent me a link to a video made.

I found it quite humorous; I decided to let all of T-Nation see what they have created.


You dare show someone that size on a bodybuilding forum. He is a good friend you say? Dear lord lol.


That was a waste of time


What kind of model? A foot model?


What exactly did you tell him he should do? Please say he doesn't think he just did a clean & jerk.


Is that one of the guys from that nightclub picture that keeps showing up in the forums?


That's the stupidest fucking video I have ever seen.



Send him over here so he can recieve a good ass whooping. And maybe for some food afterwards.

PS. I want my 30seconds back.


I'm pretty sure that this is a joke.


Good God I sure as hell hope so.


I didnt know NAMBLA was into making videos now.....