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My Friend is in Love with Shaun T the Insanity Dude


I get a call today, put it on channel whatever, look at shaun t the guy who does that insanity dvd. look at the shape he's in, he doesn't do deadlifts, he doesn't have to work out at a gym, he doesn't use weights. He doesn't do deadlifts.

I can't talk on the phone to someone that stupid.
I don't know shaun t, he looks to be 10% bodyfat. His workout burns 1000 calories, great, if my 53 year old friend can do that workout, do it, and stop calling me.

I showed him the deathtofintess blog so now he's arguing with me over lifting basics to be fit, he keeps saying, FIT, be FIT, and shuan t is fit, he can carry a fire house up a building, can I?

just venting, time to go to the gym, and lift


I have seen parts of the videos. It's not really great for getting strong as fuck or for size but it's decent for conditioning and those looking to burn body fat. I have never done Insanity, but I do throw in bodyweight circuits from time to time after lifting for my cardio because I get bored as hell doing the treadmill, etc... LOL


he seems angry that I deadlift, He uses machines, and cables, no dumbbells or barbells, and he's trying for 15 reps. Great, light weight 15 reps, no intensity, good for him, don't criticize me for striving to add to my deadlift and doing triples.


Yeah, Im like you, I tend to like the feel or heavy iron in my hands.


nice words my friend


yeah, why should you deadlift? its not like its the most awesome lift ever or anything.


It looks a lot like that p90x thing that my ex did a few years ago.

While someone lording it over you is retarded, anything that gets people moving and into better shape is okay in my book.

Anyone that believes their dogma is the end-all-be-all of fitness is a moron.


Yea...I wouldn't be friends with someone who offers me unsolicited criticism like that...ESPECIALLY when I actually am more educated about it than they are.


I told him that, lol, I showed him that diagram from Mike's blog showing all the muscles used.

his reply, shaun t's workout is insane.

well tomorrow he's going to do cardio in the morning, he WAS going to eat his 2 ham egge cheese wraps and blue berry ice cofee, then do treadmill
all I said to him was, great, eat them, get on that tradmill and try to burn it off.
so now he'll just have ice ocfee and do morning cardio
(like fasted but with 10 g of bcaa)


he didn't buy it, lol, he just seeing the infomercial and whacks off, then thinks
well Meni tells me to lift weights, well no weights in the INSANITY workout
Meni deadlifts, why? Shaun T uses his bodyweight!

his roommate bought P90x and failed 5 times, a woman, but bought a pull up bar,
well he decided to try doing chins expecting 1
and got 4, oh my look a hole, I told you try working out for real
I've been talking to him about greasing the groove
so I told him, great, do 2 pullups, every time you get off the couch for anything,
try to do 30 to 50 a day
and in a few months you'll be doing 15 chins, and jaws will drop


thats the rub, he wants to question me, well since listening to me, he's down 20 lbs, at his lightest in 15 years. he's not a gym rat so 5'11" 180 at 54 or so years old, he's in good shape for the shape he's in.