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My Free & Bio T Levels After 12 Weeks

Since my last post in August 2019 - some things have changed.

I have come off Nebido due to underlying issues and have switched to self injection of Sustanon 250ml every 2 weeks. I have been on Sustanon for 12 weeks.

My first 12 week blood test has revealed the following:

SHBG : 36 nmol/L
Albumin : 36 g/L
Total T : 29.3 nmol/L

This makes my Free T : 0.726 nmol/L (2.48%) & Biovailable T : 14.4 nmol/L (49%)

What do these figures indicate?

Post the “normal” ranges show on your lab work.

“Normal” ranges?

Reference ranges, all lab companies have different reference ranges. For instance Labcorp Free T ranges are 10.8-26.5 for men in their 20’s, but changes to 6.8-21.5 for men in their 40’s.

Ref Range for SHBG - 19.30 to 76.40 nmol/L

Ref Range for Total T - 8.00 to 10.00 nmol/L

Ref Range for Albumin - 35.00 to 50.00 g/L

I require advice on how to reach optimum Free T & Biovailable T levels - levels of a 20+ guy and not that of a 50+ guy.

Inject Test E or C often. 2-3x a week minimum. Wait 8 weeks. Done.

What is Test E or C?

Testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate.