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My Forearms Have Always Been Small


My forearms have always been pretty small. I was wondering how you guys worked out your forearms. Do you do more bicep work that require forearm (hammer curls/reverse curls) or do you prefer forearm specific exercises (wrist curls, protanation, supination, etcetc). Or a combination of both? Any examples would be appreciated.



I’ve never done any exercise specificly for my forearms. The only forearm exercise I ever did was reverse curls. My forearms are the size my biceps used to be. Lol.


I peform seated wrist curls and standing, behind-the-back wrist curls, but hell, deadlifts and shrugs will make my forearms feel tight the next day!


agree with above, never really done direct forearm work


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I have pathetic forearms. Wrist curls did nothing for me, but heavy deadlifts with no straps make them pretty sore and they have grown over the last 2 months without any curling (biceps and forearms) at all.


Doing heavy back work should hit your forearms hard if you’re busting your ass. The only time I ever did any direct work was pre-contest, and it was light/high reps in hopes of just bringing the veins out a bit more as my bodyfat got really low.



Poliquin recommends these. Gave me a massive increase in forearm size in 8 weeks.



Wrist curls do work, if you use light weights and high reps, but it will affect the rest of your workouts. Your forearms take a beating with a full load workout and they can’t recover fast enough. If you’re doing pull-ups it can also have a detrimental effect.

I built a grip trainer that I got an idea for from T-Nation. It’s a cheap dumbell with a 2 1/2 lb weight on one end, and wrapped with that foam neck protector that I see the beginners use for squats. I’ll do a 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps front and back once a week. Gotta really “white knuckle” the foam gripper for max effect.

It’ll greatly affect yours size and grip strength. Now, I DO use wrist wraps for deads, pull-ups and B/O rows etc…this has helped to isolate those muscles well, and keep the “weak link” of my forearms out of the equation.


[quote]skimmy_jimmy wrote:
“young kids, young guys… if you masturbate, thats enough” - best advice ive ever heard[/quote]

Do NOT believe this…

Being a young guy, I ended up with a 3/4 inch difference in my forearms…

I guess it gives me a good reason to throw some unilateral work in there…


What is a “good” ratio between upper and lower arm? I.e, my upper arm is about 5-6cm bigger than my lower arm. Then again, my upper arms sucks compared to the rest of my body.

Yeah, I fell victim to the “you don’t need to work arms directly” thing for the first 6-8 of my training.


I had a 3" difference btw upper and lower measurements.



like michael jackson used to do - just beat it

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Captain of crucsh grip trainers are great, there so tough the lowest grade is 100lbs and then go up from there and there cgeaponly 11 pounds in England so about 15 dollarsish. Use these 3 to 4 time a week but not before back training, do about 5sets of 15 on each hand with a 212 tempo.
Isometric holds with these are great to so hold for your max time in the concentric phase, that will be your start point and try to increase that time week by week even if its a few seconds, thats progress which is what we all want.Best thing with these is you can use them anywhere at work on lunch,at home, wherever.
Standard barbellcurls are great to and need to further explaination. However you only hiyying one part of the forearm so use hand grip variations Palms up,down,neutral. Use cables to maintain tension.
Heavy deadlift without straps will ensure grwoth and strength for forearm.

The forearms are a hard muscle tire and recover very quickly so hit them often and hard for 4-6 weeks and your sure to get results.

Let me know how you or others get on.


My forearms were… just like pencils. Now I love them, even a girl said recently to me that they seemed like Popey’s foreams.

I’ve never done direct forearm work, just deadlifts and pullups.