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My Forced Progressive Overload 6 Week Plan


Hey wondering if you could look this over CT , So ive came up with a 6 week plan which breaks down into 3 2 week blocks , each two weeks has a different rep range ( week 1-2 15 reps, week 3-4 10 reps, week 5-6 5 reps) all exercises will be done for 3 sets and the routine will be the same for the 6 weeks ( everything being hit twice per week ) the only variables will be the reps week to week and the load increasing as the reps drop (15,10,5) and after the 6 weeks I would be repeating the plan from day 1 but increasing the initial weight for the same reps (E.G week 1 15 for 10kg , week 1 block 2 15 for 12.5kg) so I have a few questions , would a rep range of 12,10, 8 over the 6 weeks be more effective if the goal is just to build tissue , what do you think of the concept of the program and what would you change ? thanks very much for you time mate