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My Football Routine


Hey everyone, I just signed up here so I guess you could say I'm new, even though I've been reading the articles here for just under a year. I'm goin into my sophmore year of high school and this will be my first year playin on the varsity team in football. I can play LB,QB,TE,WR,S, and a little DE. Last year I started at TE and played WR in our spread formations. I also saw significant playing time at LB,QB, and DE.

Anyway, the weight room opens up Monday and I thought I would let You'll take a look at what I've planned out for the next two weeks.
It is based mainly on westside principles with the addition of some olympic variations.

Week 1

Monday(pull day)

-Back Squats - work to 3RM
-Reverse Hypers 3/12
-Chin UPs 3/failure - wide grip, palms out
-Shrugs 3/10

Tuesday(push day)

-Bench Press - work to 3RM
-Dips 3/failure
-Push press 3/10
-Weight Sit Ups 3/12

Wednesday(pull day)

-Hang Cleans - work to around 7RM
-Chin Ups 3/failure -close grip palms facing me
-Trap Bar Deadlift off of 3inch block 3/8

Thursday(push day)

-DB Incline Press 10/8/6/4
-Close Grip Bench 3/6
-Weighted Sit Ups 3/12


Here's week 2....Just thought I'd point out that I dont have access to a GHR and one of my coaches told me not to do good mornings so I can't do them without him walking over there and telling me about the lower back injuries I'll receive. Also, My coaches always use a push/pull day split so I kinda have to work around that.

Week 2

Monday(pull day)

-Trap Bar Deadlift - work to 3RM
-Reverse Hypers 3/12
-Chin Ups 3/failure - medium grip palms out
-Shrugs 10/8/6/4

Tuesday(push day)

-DB Incline Press - work to 3RM
-Dips 3/failure
-Push Press 3/6
-Ab Circuit

Wednesday(pull day)

-Hang Cleans - work to around 7RM
-Chin UPs 3/failure - medium grip, hands facing me
-Leg Curls 3/8

Thursday(push day)

-Bench Press 7/7/5/5
-SkullCrushers 10/8/6
-Ab Circuit

On Fridays and Saturdays i will be doing light recovery work.

Just thought I'd post some stats to let you'll know kinda where I'm at.


40yrd dash:5.35

lol I'm really slow


Alright JAK,

What exactly are you wanting to do, You have played just about everywhere. You are gonna have to remember that the workouts for WR & DB are gonna be totally different than if you want to play LB.

By the looks of your speed, you need to definately concentrate on some speed drills ie... cones, 10 to 20 yd sprints, tire drags, step ups, box jumps and so on. Your coach has the right idea. Listen to him.

When I played ball in college, I learned that squats, bench, deadlifts and some extra tricep work were the most important for football.

Let me know exactly what your wanting to do, and what position you want to play and I will see if I can do to help you out.


It doesn't look to bad but how come you don't have any rowing movements
You seem to have lots of horizontal pressing but no horizontal rowing.
You are setting your self up for injuries down the road.
How come you do your dip and chins to failure this will burn you out in no time.Best of luck


During Spring practice I focused mainly on LB and TE because I've probably got the best chance of playing there. I'm just mentioning receiver and safety because I want to leave my options open. I'm mainly focusing on LB and TE though.


Thanks for pointin that out, I'll add those in to substitute chins once a week.

I just incorporated dips and chins so I can't do very many. so I just do as many as I can on each set.(normally around 5 chins and 8-10 dips)



Something I noticed is that you are really only taking one day off from training. I am assuming you are doing some off season football work as well as your weight training. I suggest that you take two total days off from anything. When it comes time for 2 a days you will not be burnt out. This is only a suggestion.

LB and TE is perfect from what your stats are. This is what I did in highschool as well. The workouts will be the same. Stick mainly with strength training and quick power movements.

But dont worry about being slow, I ran a 5.3 as a freshman and by the start of my senior year I was running a 4.5 to a 4.6. Just remember to work on short bursts. Especially playing LB this will come in handy. Sled pulls are a must.

Your workouts look good, but I agree with mattrose, do more rows. Both standing and sitting.

Good Luck


Yeah,your probably right on that. I'll knock out the recovery work on Friday.

Yeah, I've been steadily gaining speed since the end of my 8th grade year. I plan on doin some sled work at least once a week and probably twice.

I'm going to put in some rowing in place of chins once a week. Thanks for all the help.



dude i play college a couple of words of advice

  • do more OL's than you are doing i think from what i remmeber ur only oing 1 may be 2 olys per 2 weeks this simply isnt enough. y coach says 4 Ol's per week. May you could find a balance there. But ur not snatching, your not doing push or split jerks and i think your only doing a hang clean. Incorporate some more into the workout

  • You need more posterior chain work If your not allowed to do GM's and you dont have a GHM as well as the weighted hypers (great exercise, dont just hold a plate get a bb and put it over the back of neck much harder, weirs to begin with) you can do straight leg deadlift

-for some variation on the deadlift you can go roman deadlifts so rather than picking up from midshaft on your shins stand ona block and you pick up from your feet (you get an extra 6inches of range) or suitcase deads great exercise for core stability as you have to keep your body striaght with 200-300 on on side of your deadlift.

If you need any help PM me


To big49ersfan :

First off, thanks alot for the help. It's great to recieve help from people who have made it to such a high level of competition.

About a month ago I tried out snatches and I have been working on correcting my form since then.(I have a tendency to want to push the weight up from my shoulders too much, ultimately turning the lift into a clean and jerk with horrible form.) I have just been dedicating about 5 minutes of my warm up to working on my form with just the bar. I plan on incorporating them whenever I get the form down.

I do need more posterior chain work so I'll throw in some SLDL and do more of my deadlifting off blocks. I have also been squating almost ass to grass to hit the hamstrings more.

Thanks again,



Just wanted to let you football studs know about a AWESOME training book written by Eric Dickerson called "Secrets of Pro Power".

I got it back in 94' if I remember correctly. Great book which covers it all & it's so loaded with info I'm shocked they didn't charge $100 for it. It's that good of a book.


If you are a young buck you really dont need many olympic lifts. If your coach wont let you do Good Mornings, you can always do romanian deadlifts or stiff legged deadlifts. Pick one. Also is there anyway you can lift on Friday instead of MTWT? MWF or MTTF would work better.

Does your coach not have a program laid out?



anyone who disagrees PM me and i will ecplain why


the hardest point of the move is the point where you catch it in an overhead squat position try

Overhead squats fro techniques it is how i got started then try press unders rather than straigt into a snatch dude

if your technique such on snatch try 4 weeks of OH squats after your normal squats or deads then once you are OH squating a decent amount (i relate it to my clean as a guide) then try press unders so you are in a back squat positon and as you drop down into the squat you straigten your arms find a video on the net there are loads and so 4 week sof that. Do this along with high pull or cleans and it will sort out your snatch may take 3-4months to get good technique also get your coach to anylise it he should know what it looks like (the oh squats and the press unders that is if he lets you do them, dont know why he dont let you do GM's personally)

once again if you need nay help just PM me


to RJ flyod

olys can be carried out in sphmore/junior no problem where do you get that infro from

your one of these guys who says that squats are bad fro you i bet


The weight room's only open monday-thursday.

my coach does have a program laid out but i've been doing it in weight training class all year and I need to do something different. Besides, I dont really like the way he's split it up, or the excercise selection. here's my coach's program.

Pull day

-power cleans
-high pulls
-Ez bar curls
-Db Flyes
-Lat pull downs
-bent over DB pulls

Push day

-Deadlift(i have no clue why this is on push day)
-back squats
-bench press
-DB incline press
-tricep push downs


As the S/C Coach for a high school, here is an overview of what we do:

  1. Dynamic Warm Up
  2. Speed/Agility/Plyos
  3. Ballistics
  4. Hurdle Walks
  5. Core work
  6. Olympic lift of the day
  7. Squat movment
  8. Press of the day
  9. Posterior chain work (RDL's, GM's, etc.)
  10. Pull of the day (rows, chin ups, shrugs, etc.)
  11. Conditioning (or Energy System work-CT)
  12. Flexibility

We train M-W-F during the school year, and M-T-Th during the summer. The above template is what our summer looks like.


HAHA. Considering I am an 800lb squatter, I dont think you are accurate.

I teach Olympic lift variations to high school kids every day. The only reason we do them is because the state powerlifting competition has power cleans instead of deadlifts. I would rather spend my time on less complicated lifts with the younger guys. These are guys who dont have a lot of time to devote to learning lifts. They might get 15 minutes each day and thats it. Plus I dont think they are the golden egg everyone thinks they are.


If you are the one that says squats below parallel are bad, then it is your responsibility to say why.


To Rizsa: I wish you were my high school s/c coach. You look like you know what your doing, whereas, I'm not sure my coach does when it comes to the weight room. We just got a new head coach and He's a whole lot different than our last one, whom i liked very much.

The new one never interacts with the players and he talks outside on his cell phone throughout workout sessions. Our old coach would be in the weight room workin out with us. But the new coach is in the national high school football hall of fame, so i guess he knows what hes doin.


How many players do you work with at at time?

I wish we could do things that way but our facilities are too small.