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My Foot is Fucked

so for the past two weeks now my feet, especially the left is just fucking ruined.

i get some pain on the sole, but that can be easily relieved by rolling it. the worst pain is almost inside the foot.

on the left foot, on the inside, about right where the tendon for the tibialis anterior connects and its in between the foot bones or something, it feels almost like it’s broken.

in the morning its fucking terrible, i cannot push off on the balls of my feet, they just sort of flop around. Then on and off through the day its bad. It hurts if i jump high, it hurts if i run, it hurts if i jump rope or run hills etc.

for a week now i have been doing the stretches in the ankle rehab article on here, rolling my peroneals foot with a tennis ball, then baseball, then actually a metal chainlink fence pole topper (looks like the top of a rocket) this always relieves my sole pain, but the ankle area just doesn’t want to get better.

I had been running hills and jump roping, until the pain got too bad and i just stopped. now i just cycle, but that actually becomes painful too. every once in a while when i walked after working my legs heavily, it would feel like the achilles tendon is tracking wrong or something and it would “pop” a bit and i would get a bit of a sharp pain in it. Also, the inside right above my ankle would get these painfull pumps, like the peroneals are just pumped and wont let go of the blood.

here is the shit i have constantly been doing to fix this.

1-3x daily plantar rolling
tibialis anterior work. this muscle is strong, i can toe raise a 60lb db between my feet for 15+ reps easily
peroneal work, using cables and bands
calf stretching
ankle mobilization 10x+ through the day, the knee foreward one and the one when you put the foot behind you on the other side of the other foot

what in the fuck is going on here.

i have to put a side note that my lower back and hips feels fucking great and strong as hell, the glute are firing properly and my abductors are too, i roll them and stretch them. they never hurt and feel terrific.

i either wear chucks when i lift, or the rest of the time i wear a pair of sauconys.

so, even if i have plantar fascitis, my ankles are still just royally fucked. my dads side has a history of ankle problems. please help. this fucking blows, could a bone in my foot be broken?

my calves have gotten noticeably bigger in the last 2 months or so, like 1/2 inch at least, probably an inch

One MAJOR thing that helps folks with plantar fasciitis is rolling your foot on a cold soda can. I know you’re rolling it already, but the combination of the coldness really helps a ton.

Best of luck with your injury.

I only skimmed your post so I appologize if this is a retarded idea but I would suggest going to get your gait examined and then have inserts custom made for your shoes. First your feet will hurt, then your ankles, then your knees, then your hips, then your back.

i used to wear orthotics as a kid, because i walked on the insides of my feet, but i stopped wearing them because i stopped walking like that. this could be the issue.

how would i wear the orthotics when i did cardio or lifted weights?

In your shoes.

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This sucks but I’m beginning to think more and more that it’s the solution to the problem. Thanks guys.