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My fitness and food log


Tuesday, Sept. 18


1 Incline DB Chest Press (40) 3x25, (80) 1x8, (70) 1x10
2 Incline DB Fly (30) 3x25, (40) 1x15, (50) 1x11
3 Seated Plate Squeeze (5) 1x20, (10) 3x12
4 Overhead Tricep Rope Extension (8.75) 1x25, 1x18

Wednesday, Sept. 19


1a Seated Leg Curl (55) 1x15, 3x10 with 5 sec hold & slow negatives
1b Leg Extension with 5 sec hold (60) 4x10

2 Standing Shoulder Press Singles - using iso lateral chest press (bar) 1x15, (5) 3x12
3 Cable Pull Thru (8.75) 5x15


Lil Buff Protein Cake with fresh berries, light cool whip and sprinkles


Thursday, September 20


1A Lat Pull Down d-bar (70) 3x25, (90) 2x12
2B Seated Cable Row rope (55) 3x12, (45) 1x12, 1x15

2A Cable Bicep 21’s (6.25) 3x21
2B Bent Over Row plates(50) 3x20

3A Ergo Row Machine 1 min, level 10 x3
3B DB Hammer Curl (30) 3x12

Friday, Sept. 21


1 Leg Press (90) 3x25, (180) 3x15 drop on last set > (90) 1x12

2A Farmer’s Walk plates (90) 3x 60 yds
2B Body Weight Calf Raise singles 2x12
(started with a set of back lunges. knee didn’t like it. switched to calves)


On Thursday night, a local pizza place was donating 30% of sales to our son’s elementary school. So, we had to have pizza. Cuz you know, charity. =)

Pineapple Pizza - Favorite for me and son. ( Zip-it Hubby! I know how you feel about pineapple on pizza! =)~ )
Other one is 1/2 BBQ Chicken and 1/2 sausage, basil, pesto, roasted red bell peppers, olives and ricotta

FYI the Air Fryer is awesome for re-heating a slice

Lunch yesterday: grilled teriyaki chicken thighs, white rice and over-cooked green beans

Tried these low-carb pitas today.
Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread
Nutritional Info:
60 calories
1.5g fat
10g carbs
4g fiber
0g sugar
6g protein

1 pita (see above), 2 whole eggs, 1 slice ham, 1/2 small avocado smashed in


Saturday, Sept. 22


1A Standing BB Shoulder Press (scrape the wall) (55) 1x10, 1x12, 1x10, 2x9
1B Bent Over Reverse Fly - plates (20) 1x15, 4x20

2 DB Side Lateral singles (5) 1x10, (10) 1x10, 1x8, 1x6, 1x5, 1x4

3 Arnold Press (30) 1x15, 1x12, 2x10

4a DB Upright Row (30) 2x12, 2x10
4b Plate Front Raise (25) 2x10, 2x8

Sunday, Sept. 23


1 Bench Press (65) 3x25, (95) 2x10
2 DB Incline Fly (40) 1x15, (50) 3x12
3 Cable Tricep Pushdown (20) 4x15
4 Standing Plate Squeeze 1 drop set: (10) x12 > (5) x12 > (2.5) x12

Monday, Sept. 24


1 Rack Pull (95) 3x15
2 Bent Over BB Row (45) 3x25

3a Seated Rope Row (55) 4x12
3b Lat Pull Down v-grip (70) 4x10

4 Standing BB Curl (30) 4x15


Won some goodies to try:
Iconic Protein Shakes (made with grass fed milk protein)
Square Organics crispy protein squares

Today’s breakfast:
Grass fed steak and broccoli


Tuesday, Sept. 25


1 Leg Extension (55) 4x15
2 Step-Ups - a bunch (while waiting for guy talking on blue tooth during all his leg press sets)
3 Leg Press (90) 3x25, (180) 3x16 > drop on last to (90) 1x12


Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018


1 Smith Seated Shoulder Press (20) 1x12, 1x10, 3x8 drop (bar) 1x8
2 Single Cable Side Lateral Raise (1.25) 1x12, 1x18, 2x15, 1x12
3 Cable Rope Front Raise (3.75) 1x15, (6.25) 1x14, 1x12, 1x11
4 Seated DB Shoulder Press (30) 1x15, (40) 1x15, 2x10

Thursday, Sept. 27


1 Bench Press (65) 1x15, (85) 4x12 drop (65) 1x12
2 Incline Chest DB Squeeze (40) 1x12, 3x10
3 Cable Fly Rest/Pause 100 reps (12.5) 1x40, 1x20, 2x15, 1x10

Friday, September 28, 2018


1A Lat Pull Down behind the neck (70) 1x20, (85) 3x15
1B Seated Cable Rope Row (55) 4x15

2A BB Bent Over Row (60) 4x15
2B Straight Arm Pull Down (30) 2x15, 2x12

3 Chest Supported Seated Machine Row (70) 1x25, 1x15, 1x10 + a few slow holds

Saturday, Sept. 29


1 Reverse Hack Squat Machine (90) 4x15
2 Smith Machine RDL (50) 1x12, 3x10
3 Leg Extension with 3 sec holds (55) 3x10, rest/pause set: x10 x5, x4

Sunday, Sept. 30


1 DB Seated Shoulder Press (40) 2x15, (50) 3x12, rest/pause set: x12 x5 x4
2 Smith Seated Shoulder Press (20) 1x12, 1x10 drop (bar) 1x10
3 Single Cable Side Lateral Raise (3.75) 1x8, 1x6, 3x8
4 Tri-Set:
Seated Plate Front Raise (10) 2x15
Seated DB Side Lateral (10) 2x12
Seated Shrug to overhead press (10) 2x10

Monday, October 1


1 Incline DB Fly (40) 4x12
2 Incline DB Chest Press neutral grip (60) 4x12
3 superset:
Overhead Tricep Rope (20) 1x15, 3x11
Tricep Push Down (15) 4x15
4 Incline Chest DB Squeeze (40) 1x22

Tuesday, October 2


1 Single Low Cable Row (11.25) 1x25, (13.75) 1x20, (16.25) 3x15
2 Chest Supported Seated Row Machine (55) 1x25, (70) 1x25, (75) 2x20
3 superset:
Lat Pull Down D bar (70) 1x25, (85) 3x15
Cable Bicep Curl (20) 4x12


Hubby & I snuck away for a little date night and tried a new restaurant. Everything was fantastic!
Smoked Salmon Crudo with avocado mash and crispy capers
Honey Fried Chicken with smashed potato and sauteed kale
Ribeye Steak with roasted veggies & scalloped potatoes
Waffle Churros with butterscotch and hazelnut chocolate dip
Cranberry Bread Pudding with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries

Won these Aloe drinks. They are actually pretty good. Just tastes like juice with some bits of Aloe pulp

Also won these little energy bars. I really like these. Really soft with a little crunch from the crispy rice

Boneless Pork Sirloin Chop, artichoke, sauerkraut & light mayo

Instant Pot Asian Chicken Thighs & mixed greens


I have to confess, one of the reasons I read your log is for the food porn. I just now finished a 1200 Kcal breakfast and I’m hungry again after that last post…

Practical question, though. Wife just bought an air fryer, and we’ve only cooked French fries in it so far, but they didn’t all cook evenly. Do we need to spread them out and put fewer in the basket per batch?


I think most everyone comes for the food porn. =)~

So, yes, food can’t be overcrowded in the air fryer. Make sure to open and shake them about 1/2 way through the cooking time or even a few times. I had to upgrade to a larger size air fryer because the tiny basket on the one I had just wasn’t big enough. You can also buy a rack to put in there to double the space.

The Air Fryer is great for more than just fries. Cook meat, veggies, baked goods, etc. You can use baking dishes and silicone cups; just about anything you can put in the oven. I just experiment with it or look things up on the internet. Look at “best air fryer recipes” and see if anything strikes your fancy.


I enjoy all of the trials of our best recipe searches!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A little fat burning fun today…

Circuit - 5 rounds
1a Ergo Row Machine - 1 minute
1b Seated Incline Machine Chest Press (40) x25

Circuit - 4 rounds
2a Battle Ropes - while other person (hubby) walks
2b Trap Bar Farmer’s Walk - 95lbs - about 60 yards

Breakfast of champions = smoked pulled pork, broccoli and toms
(probably hubby’s best pork yet: Bourbon Brown Sugar recipe)


Thursday, October 4, 2018


short on time today…

1 Reverse Hack Squat (90) 1x15, (140) 3x12

2a Leg Ext (60) 4x12
2b Leg Curl (55) 1x15, (70) 1x12, 2x10

Saturday, October 6


1 BB Shoulder Press scrape the wall (55) 1x8, (60) 1x8, (65) 2x7, 1x5

2a Rack Pull (85) 4x12
2b Dead Start Row (85) 4x10

3 Seated Cable Rope Row (55) 1x15, (70) 1x12, 2x10 hold to fail on last
4 Single Cable Side Lateral Raise (5) 1x10, 1x12, 2x10

5a DB Upright Row (40) 3x10
5b Plate Front Raise (25) 3x10

6 Face Pull (25) 4x12

Sunday, October 7


1 Leg Extension (60) 1x15, (70) 1x15, 1x14, (70) 1x8 w/5 sec hold,
drop set (70) x12 > (50) x5 > (30) x6
2 Bench Press (95) 2x10, (100) 1x10, (110) 1x6 drop (95) 1x4
3a DB RDL (80) 3x15
3b Incline DB Fly (50) 3x15

Monday, October 8


1a Smith BB Row (50) 4x12
1b BB Curl (30) 1x15, (40) 1x12, 2x10 drop (30) 1x8

2a Lat Pull Down supinated grip (70) 1x15, (85) 1x12, 2x15
2b Alt. Cross Body DB Curl (20) 1x24, 3x20

3 Seated Cable Rope Row (55) 1x20, (70) 1x13, 2x12 drop (55) 1x10


homemade salmon patties in the Air Fryer topped with mashed avocado

Pumpkin Spice Lil Buff Protein Cake topped with protein frosting (light cream cheese, protein, non-fat Greek yogurt) - trying to be fancy with my picture for Instagram =)~



Tuesday, October 8, 2018


1 Smith Seated Shoulder Press (20) 1x15, 1x12, 1x11, 1x9

2 Single Cable Side Lateral (3.75) 2x10, 1x9, 1x8

3 Plate Front Raise (25) 1x12, 2x10, 1x9

4 Arnold Press (30) 1x17, 1x15, 1x13

Wednesday, October 9, 2018


1 Leg Extension (70) 1x15, 2x13

2a Reverse Hack Squat (180) 4x12
2b BB Curl (30) 1x10, 3x20

3 Horizontal Seated Calf Machine (150) 3x15 drop (110) 1x6


Grilled Teriyaki Chicken & Green Beans


I just scrolled through here randomly and WOW! The food you eat is so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for recording all of this…Now I am hungry!


Thank you!
Happy to inspire. =)


Thursday, October 11


1 DB Incline Chest Press (60) 1x15, (80) 3x10 drop (50) 1x10
2 Cable Fly (40) 2x15, 2X12 drop (30) 1x6 drop (20) 1x8
3 Tri-set:
Guillotine Press (55) 1x20
Close Grip Press (55) 1x15
Guillotine Press (55) 1x12

Friday, October 12, 2018


Circuit #1
1a Farmer’s Walk (95) x4 laps
1b RDL (65) 4x20

Circuit #2 - 3 rounds
2a Ergometer Row Machine 1 min
2b Spin Bike 1 min
2c Stair Climber Machine 1 min


Saturday, October 13, 2018


1 BB Shoulder Press - scrape the wall - (55) 1x12, (65) 1x8, 1x7, 3x5

2 Single Cable Side Lateral (3.75) 1x15, 3x12
3 Cable Rope Front Raise (6.25) 4x12

4 Rack Pull (85) 1x15, (95) 2x12, 1x10
5 Dead Start Row (85) 1x10, (95) 3x10

6 DB Upright Row (30) 3x15

7 Seated Cable Rope Row (55) 1x20, 1x18, 2x15

Sunday, October 14, 2018


1 Leg Press (90) 3x20, (180) 3x12
2 Reverse BB Curl (20) 1x15, (30) 2x15, 2x12

3 Wall Sit - 4 rounds, 30 sec rest - 2x40 seconds, 1x 30 seconds, 1x 40 seconds

4 Horizontal Seated Calf Press (150) 1x10, (170) 1x10, (190) 1x10,
Drop set: (200) 1x10 > (150) 1x8 > (110) 1x10
5 Preacher Curl plate loaded (45) 3x6, 1x5 drop (25) 1x8


Lil Buff Protein strawberry waffle with fresh strawberries

Stopped off for lunch on Saturday. Shrimp tacos with guacamole and mango salsa

Hubby wasn’t home to man the grill. So,I had to dust off my grill skills. I didn’t do too badly considering it was totally dark outside & I couldn’t really see the grill.

Sirloin steak, scallops and broccoli

lunch today -
Apple + turkey patty & green beans made in the Air Fryer


Tuesday, October 16, 2018


1 Incline DB Chest Press (80) 2x12, 2x10
2 Cable Fly (40) 4x15
3 Guillotine Press (65) 4x12

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


1 Rack Pull (95) 4x15
2 Kneeling V-grip Pull Down (50) 1x15, (57.5) 1x15, (65) 3x12
3 Seated Cable Row wide (50) 1x12, 1x20, (70) 3x15
4 Cable Pull Thru (30)5x12

Thursday, October 18, 2018


1 Muscle Snatch (45) 1x8, 2x10
2 Scrape the wall shoulder press (65) 4x8
3 tri-set:
seated DB side lateral (10) 4x15, (20) 1x15 standing
seated DB front raise (10)1x10, 3x12, 1x15 standing
seated DB rear delt (10) 4x12, 1x15 standing

snack: almond butter & yogurt

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi. I love this stuff. I try to only eat 1/2 the bag. But, you can eat the entire bag for only 350 calories.

Grilled sirloin steak, cauliflower gnocchi w/Vodka sauce, green beans

Made my eggs in the waffle maker. 1 egg + 3 serv liquid whites, spinach, ham. Came out thick & fluffy. I spread on some whipped cream cheese, folded it in 1/2 and ate it like a sandwich.
(it did overflow though. so, i’ll use a bit less whites next time)


The wife (estranged) went to pick this up and couldn’t find it. She asked a staff member and he said, “We don’t put it out because it starts fights, but I can get it for you from the back, two bag limit.”

Only on Long Island will Trader Joe’s customers get into fist fights over cauliflower gnocchi.


Yeah, so I have a place in Santa Cruz, and Cali is way different than NY.

Way different.


That’s so funny! I picked up 5 bags of it yesterday and didn’t have to knock anyone out! lol


Yup. Bad choice to come out to Cali.