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My fitness and food log

On 4/23/17 I completed my 28th day of The Green Faces Diet


Here’s a link to my log during the diet:
My Green Faces Diet Log

I’ve decided to start this new log to keep myself motivated & accountable.

female, 5’8"
Diet Start Weight (3/27/17): 171.8
Diet End Weight (4/24/17) : 163.8
Weight Today (4/27/17) : 162.8

I’ve been keeping up with getting the veggies in & I’m allowing some carbs into my diet. I’m more mindful now of eating my packed meals instead of just saying “Screw my meal! I want to eat a bar”. And I’m working hard to resist the urge to cave into my love for sweets after a meal.

Currently in the 3rd week of this workout program:

Today’s Workout Upper Body Pump Complex/Upper Body MetCon
Circuit A
A1) Standing DB Lateral Raise (15’s) 3x15
A2) Kneeling Tricep Rope Press (40) 3x15 *subbed out the Lying Tricep DB Ext to try this exercise
A3) Standing DB Shoulder Press (20’s) 3x12

Circuit B (75) 3x15 each
B1) Lat Pull Down (behind the neck)
B2) Lat Pull Down (in front)
B3) Lat Pull Down (supinated grip)

Circuit C (5 rounds)
C1) Row Machine 500m
C2) Push-Ups x12

70 minutes including warm-up time = 609 calories burned (Polar M400)

Here’s a couple of today’s meals:

And then THIS HAPPENED :heart_eyes:
Ice Cream Tasting!
It’s called “balance” 💁🏼


April 28, 2017

4:15 wake time
4:30 Breakfast: proats (1/4c oats & 1tbl chia seeds soaked in fridge overnight in water. stirred in 1 scoop of Devotion Nutrition Brownie Batter protein powder before eating)
5:15 at gym with 2 scoops of Mag-10

Hard Body Training for Women, Optional sprint/energy systems session
Circuit (7 rounds)
A1) Farmer’s Walk (80lb db’s)
A2) Sprint

ADDED: B) incline treadmill walk - 10 min
63 minutes including warm-up time = 562 calories burned (Polar M400)

Lunch: ground turkey & zoodles
Dinner: Lemon Caper Chicken (Delish!) with zoodles

Saturday 4/29/17

Meal #1
1/4c creamy buckwheat & 1 scoop Devotion Brownie Batter protein powder

workout Hard Body Training for a Women Whole Body Explosive Work

  • Mag-10 intra & post workout

A) Hang Cleans (65) 10x5

Circuit - 5 rounds
B1) DB lateral raise (17.5’s) x5
B2) Box jump x10
B3) O/H ball throw push press (20) x10
B4) Broad Jump x10
B5) Ball slam x10

MetCon Circuit (12 min)
C1) bike sprint 1 min
C2) row 250m
C3) push-ups x12

90 min including warm-up time = 862 cals burned (Polar M400) :flushed:

Meal #2 1 whole egg, 4tbl liquid whites, spinach, 1 slice cheese. 1 frozen banana blended w/2tbl liquid whites
Snacks today: Quest chocolate cereal bar and the “not yet released” Quest Cravings 2.0 PB Cups
Meal #3 crockpot broccoli beef
Meal #4 Protein Fluff (1 scoop protein, water, ice) topped with Walden Farms chocolate (after snapping the pic, I sprinkled on Flavor God Chocolate Donut seasoning)


Sunday April 30
60 min fasted walk

  • In a super funk today. Emotional eating doesn’t help. Never has. You’d think I’d learn after all these years. Gonna try & salvage the rest of the day & stop eating like an a$$hole. :roll_eyes:

Monday May 1
Yesterday sucked. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Meal #1 1 scoop protein, 1tbl cashew butter

workout Hard Body Training for Women, Lower body strength / hypertophy Work - WEEK #4
a) Box Jumps 3x10
b) Back Squats (155) 3x3
c1) Eccentric Back Squats (115) 3x3
c2) DB jump squats (15’s) 3x3
D) BB Hip Thrust (145) 2x8
10 min treadmill incline walk
55 minutes including warm-up time = 388 calories burned (Polar M400)

  • Mag-10 intra & post workout

Snacks: 2 hard eggs, Fit Crunch Chocolate PB Bar
Meal #2 slow cooker broccoli & beef
Meal #3 chicken breast, celery, cucumber, almonds
Snack 1 scoop protein
Meal #4 Poke Bowl with soba noodles

You’re training harder than a lot of the “men” on here! I’m actually a little jealous of some of your workouts. Always a good thing to have a few plyo’s and sprints in your training. Keep it up! :+1:


Christian T. says men can do the Hard Body Training for Women program… IF they are woman enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m doing just fine with my current training! I’m running CT’s Layers program for my bench. Everything else is getting the maintenance treatment. Once I finish I’ll start over and run Layers on squat or front squat. I’ll keep doing that till I reach my goals or it doesn’t work.

@Frank_C I’m sure you’re squared away. I was just kidding. :wink: FYI my hubby is LEO also. :+1:t3:


Tuesday May 2, 2017
Lying leg curl (50) 3x15
Leg Ext (50) 3x15
Walking DB Lunges (20’s) 3x24

Metabolic Conditioning 2 rounds
Bike sprint 1 min
Body squats x30
Vertical jump x10

30 min = 249 calories burned
45 min walk = 235 calories burned

Took the day off from work today. We are meeting visiting friends for lunch in Napa. I haven’t been to this place for a few years. But they make a killer French Dip sandwich. I’m all over that!

Wednesday, May 3rd
Yesterday was just an awesome day! Nice little workout in the morning, beautiful weather in the Napa Valley (95+ degrees), visited with friends from Chicago & ate amazing food all day.

French Dip Sandwich & mashed Po’s (2 of my favorite things on Earth), grilled artichokes aaaand the amazing “Oh Oh” from Bouchon Bakery. The Oh Oh is is the adult version of a Hostess Ho Ho. It’s ridiculously good. (@littlesleeper Did I redeem myself for my “world’s lamest cheat meal ever” ?:joy: )

Today is back to eating right and the “get fit” goal!

workout Hard Body Training for Women Upper body strength/hypertrophy work - Week #4

A) Ball Slams & Muscle-Ups to warm up (supposed to do Medicine Ball throws into a wall. But, there’s literally nowhere for me to do that at my gym.
B) Push Press (90) 3x3
C1) Eccentric Push Press (75) 3x3
C2) O/H Medicine Ball Throws
D) Chest supported neutral grip rows (40’s) 2x8
E) Lat Pull Down (110) 2x8
F) lat pull down drop set
G) Leg Lifts 2x15
42 minutes = 326 calories burned

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:success: MUCH BETTER!

I approve. I’m drooling at my desktop while I sip my protein shake and swallow my fish oil pills for my lunch… Damn low days…


That Oh Oh looks amazing.

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Thursday May 4, 2017

Meal #1 cream of rice & 1 scoop protein
Snack (post workout) Peanut Butter Chocolate Rx Bar
Meal #2 rotisserie chicken, broccoli & grapefruit

workout Hard Body Training for Women Upper Body Pump Complex/Upper Body MetCon
Circuit A
A1) DB Lateral Raise (17.5’s)3x12
A2) Kneeling Tricep Rope Press (45)3x12
A3) Standing DB Shoulder Press (20’s)3x12

Circuit B (80) 3x12 ea
B1) Lat Pulldown (wide/behind neck)
B2) Lat Pulldown (wide front)
B3) Lat Pulldown (supinated)

Circuit C (2 rounds)
C1) row 500m
C2) push-ups x15

52 minutes = 399 calories burned

Friday, May 5th

Meal #1 Almond butter (1.5tbl) on 1 slice of Alvarado St. Bakery Sprouted Flax Bread & 1tbl reduced sugar jelly

workout Hard Body Training for Women Optional sprint/energy systems session

  • intra & post workout Mag-10
    Circuit - 5 rounds, 60yd
    A1) Farmer’s Walk (80lb dbs)
    A2) Sprint
    added Treadmill incline walk - 10 min
    53 minutes = 392 calories burned

Meal #2 (post workout) mini banana bread loaves (1 scoop angel food cake protein, 1 egg, baking powder, 60g banana, 50g shredded zucchini, 15g Lily’s Stevia sweetened dark chocolate
3 loaves = 303 calories 28C/12F/28P 8g fiber

  • These were good. They tasted a little “eggy”. So, maybe next time I will just use an egg white instead of a whole egg

Snack Attack: 2 Quest Cravings 2.0 PB Cups & a chocolate PB Fit Crunch bar

  • wasn’t planned. But, I was starving while shuttling kids before work this morning

Meal #3 chicken, broccoli, cabbage, 1tbl almond butter

Meal #4 Chickpea Avocado & Chicken Tacos
Used this recipe & added some diced chicken (left out the cheese because last time I made these, I couldn’t even taste it. So, why waste the calories?

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I never thought about adding protein powder to soaked chia seeds and oatmeal. Will definitely try this out. I keep a food journal also but this will keep you accountable for sure especially when everyone can see it. You look like you love to cook cause that food looks yummy.

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Thanks! I like to try to be creative so that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland. :wink:

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Saturday May 6

Meal 1: 30g cream of rice & 1 scoop chocolate protein

workout Hard Body Training for a Women whole body explosive work
A) Hang Cleans* (65) 6x5

  • still don’t feel I’m getting these right. But, they are hard & I’m just going to keep trying.
    Circuit - 2 rounds
    A1) DB lateral raise (17.5’s) 5x5
    A2) Box Jump x10
    A3) O/H ball throw / push press x10
    A4) Broad Jump x10
    A5) Ball Slam x10
    Circuit - 12 min
    B1) bike sprint 1 min
    B2) row 250m
    B3) push-up x10
    60 min = 547 calories burned

This week’s workouts were deceptively challenging. The number of sets/rounds were less all week. But, it seemed harder to get through them. Not sure if that was psychological or just the body needing a de-load. Or perhaps all the crap I’ve eaten lately has caught up to me. Oh! I just realized that I didn’t use Plazma this week. Maybe that was it. :thinking:

Anyway, back to Plazma on Monday and the goal is to have a “no crap” week as far as food goes.

I need to stop bringing the crap into the house and just save it for when we are out or having a special occasion. I’ve learned that Lemon Oreos are delicious and that I can’t just eat 1 or 2 of them.

I did promise the kids a trip to the donut shop this morning and didn’t even taste a single donut. :doughnut:Small victory for me. :+1:t3:

Meal 2: (post workout) repeat of the tacos from last night’s dinner. But, only ate 1 tortilla & 1/4c beans. (Wanted some carbs post workout. But, still have to be careful to not overdo it.)

Snack at my son’s baseball game: Tamari Almonds & protein bar (salted caramel peanut crunch My Bar :heart_eyes: - tastes like a Baby Ruth )

Meal 3: salmon poke bowl over salad greens (no rice)

I feel your pain! We had taco salaf or tacos in a bowl (according to my wife) last night. I had 4 servings of Santitas tortilla chips because I haven’t had chips in months. Dinner ended up being over 2000 calories. Since I blew it I decided to finish off the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that I bought last week. With the exception of the chips we shouldn’t have any junk left now.

@Frank_C It’s that damn “May as well…” that gets me every time! :wink:

I’ve definitely started reducing my use of cheese throughout this cut and it really hasn’t made much of a difference in the overall taste of my meals. So I am also sharing the view of the addition of cheese sometimes simply being “wasted calories”!
I’m not anti-cheese or anything now, I just realize it’s a calorie dense food and if it isn’t adding much to the meal it’s an easy decision to leave out.

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