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My First Year Training


Start: / Current:
Weight 100lb/ 205lb
Bench 85lb / 235lb
Squat 120lb / 380lb
Deadlift 160lb / 400lb

Height: 6 foot

Not really Much to say
Today marks my first year hitting the gym. So i decided to make a post to log my progess
Will post pics soon
So hopefully you guys can tell me whats lagging
Edit: should have mentioned I'm 16


You were 100lb at 6 foot? How?


Damn. Pics are definitely in order.


Didn’t really eat much i dont get hungry every time i eat its force feed… that and use to run a lot


Sounds unbelievable! I agree with Pierce, Pics (before and after) or it din’t happen!






I call BS




This is the closest thing to a before photo i could find, was a photo booth pic (note the tiny arms)


You trying to say you put 105 pounds of muscle on in one year, I find that hard to believe.


I call Bull S%^&


well i dont know if it was all muscle certainly some was fat


good job, man…

I think you are on to a very good start for someone who is 16…I think some of these guys are probably a bit jealous…

as far as lagging bodyparts, I would just worry about hitting every body part hard…and continuing along the same path next year…


If this is real progress and not some troll attempt then good job, very good job. If this is a troll attempt then you get a 2 out of 10.


I wouldn’t call bullshit tbh. considering how underweight he was when he started. He was bound to gain weight just eating a pea… I know I did.

Good job mate.


Dude, good job, and good for you.

But this shit doesn’t belong in this forum. There are at least three better places to post this. Go start a training log or something.

I don’t mean to be a dick or forum cop, but come on.

Yesterday was sweaty hands, today is rate my progress?


If he’s 16, I doubt that he was 6’ a year ago. At that age, of course he is going to get heavier in a year just doing nothing ( he probably grew an inch or more, plus greater bone density, etc). Add in the fact that he’s been eating more and hitting the weights, then yes, 105 pounds is very feasible. On that not, Good Job OP.


Sure you only weighed in at around 105 when you started? (or were you shorter then or did you maybe measure in kg or stone and didn’t convert right?).

I mean, I started at 120 and that was anorexic at 5’10…

As for putting on 100 lb in a year… Well, if you’re underweight to begin with, it’s possible.
Not all muscle, but you are basically going from completely detrained/stickman to average-sized.
I see quite a few guys go from ~120-150 at average height (say. 5’9 to 5’11) to 180-200 in a year without gaining much fat. That’s pretty much the newbie gains you get once you start eating a little more and a little more often + getting stronger practically every session. 50-80 lbs gained overall, normally.
I don’t have much experience when it comes to taller guys, but I guess another 20 lbs due to the larger frame may be possible…

A guy who starts underweight can put on a lot more weight with relatively little fat gain in a year than a guy who starts out average or above average.

Still, starting weight seems very very low for your height. 105 lbs at 6’ is practically concentration-camp-victim size.

Anyway, good job. Things are going to become a lot more difficult soon, so good luck.


[quote]StephenD wrote:
You trying to say you put 105 pounds of muscle on in one year, I find that hard to believe. [/quote]

I don’t think he was saying it was all muscle as that would obviously be bullshit. However, from age fifteen to sixteen I don’t think is out of the realm of possibility. OP, I might have missed it, but did you mention if you grew in height? One of my cousins went from 5’5 at age fourteen to 6’4 in a year and a half and he definitely put on well over a hundred pounds (not fat either). If this is a troll, then at least it’s a believable one.

OP: Good job for getting started at a young age. Other posts are correct though, one year of training doesn’t belong in the bodybuilding forum.