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My First Workout Montage. Check It Out

Here is my first full workout montage. I hit PR’s in every single exercise. Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

My god, wtf did I just watch.

No thanks, if the rest of the vid is as motivating as 10xbw chins.


Not sure how much you’ve progressed, or what your goals are, so it’s hard to make an assessment.

Great beard, though!

[quote]Crios wrote:
Do you know what year the pic in your avi was taken?

Just wanted to mention that the guy who spotted you on the 225 miss looked like the Taliban commander killed in the most recent U.S. drone strike.

Also are there any hot ladies in your gym? I didn’t notice any in the background.

Well since you asked for our opinion here’s mine:

  • Let’s start with the obvious. You’re not incredibly strong nor are you particularly freaky when it comes to the physique department. This means that you have to make it up through entertainment. You failed to do this IMO.
  • First, you need some kind of introduction, an animation or something.
  • Next, higher quality of footage would be nice.
  • Third, some kind of color correction would also be welcome.
  • Fourth, There are no transitions. The video is long and feels longer since there is no pacing. You stuck all the clips back to back with no real breaks or splits to segway them.
  • Next, the video is too damn long. I understand that you feel like you accomplished something but for an entertaining video you need to keep it to the ost important stuff.

So there are people who get away with putting little effort into their vids, George Leeman for example, but nobody cares since they’re lifting Titan weights. Conversely, guys like Frank Yang don’t have “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” strength or physiques, but they have a great entertainment factor. You sir, have neither.

I’m not trying to shit on you or anything, just pointing out what I see as both a lifter and an editor.

I think your highlight videos need some highlights.

Your right knee is all over the place on our deadlifts. Probably just your foot placement, but it’s important to note little things like this in your lifts.

If I was you I would do this:

  1. Ask for form advice (like your elbows are too far forward on your curls, too much front delt used. Keep em back) on this video.

  2. Use this as a “before”

  3. Edit it down to 2:00

4 Post a “after” or “next” video showing progress. Even if the weights moved or the development is not very impressive, increasing a big lift by 50% in 6 months is.

  1. And don’t forget the entertainment value in the second video.