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My First Week On and Leg Pain


Ok so last saturday (may 30) I started a 8 week cycle of test cyp A.S. sachets and dbol.

Wk 1 fronload 1 gram with 50 mg dbol a day.
wk 2-8 500 mg
Dbol for 5 weeks

And just all know I have arimidex and nolvadex.I have been lifting for years and I eat very good.

So saturday i did my first injection.Now I have done this before and I have no pronblem with needles but I was still nervous.I have 1.5 needles and I went for right guad,Push the needle in apirated then started pushing.I didnt put the needle all 1.5 in but 1" in so while im holding the syringe with my left hand (firmly) i notice the needle is moving alittle.So i figure ok Im gonna be sore from that because of the needle movement.

Now I went into this knowing I might have spot soreness because its A.S. thats why I bought grape seed to cutt with it.But I wanted to test the waters first.So the next day my leg was sore but by monday it wasnt so bad I couldnt squat.So tuesday I did my second injection.Still wanting to test the waters and knowing I was gonna be sore from the first shot because of needle movement I didnt cut it.

My second shot went much better, I did left quad.Pushed the needle in 1" then pinched the rest with my left pointer finger and thumb to keep it from moving.Aspirated then pushed and pushed slow.Wednesday my leg was sore again so I thought to myself ok I need to cut the rest.But its friday now and I did my third shot of 1ml (250 mg) and cut with .5 ml of grape seed and did right glute, Went smooth.

But my left thigh is sore as fuck.I cant even bend down.I skiped the gym thursday because of it and thursday was deads and squats, this bullshit has me skipping the meat and potatoes.My leg is swollen around the injection site and sore as fuck especially when I bend my leg.There isnt any redness but fucking hurts and its putting a damper on my lifting.

I iced it for about 30 mins tonight and will again tomorow.So any advice would be great and anyone thinking about using Advanced stealth, Stealth labs or any sachets for that matter cut it with something because im not the first to go througfh this shit with sachets.


You're just gonna have to deal with the pain until it goes away. You should be well enough to lift in the next week or so. Some ibuprofen might help a little, but in my experience it doesn't help tremendously. Cutting it should help a great deal, though I have never used AS, I have had some extremely painful Testosterone. Believe me, you do not know pain until you have used Enhanced Genetics! Not much else I can tell you...walk it off buddy. :wink:


I have used AS and WHB is totally right. You NEED to cut it - as was advised already IIRC - the pain from bad gear is unbelieveable, i one couldn't walk properly for a week, let alone think about training. I injected 2ml in the glute and 2ml in the thigh - same side, both shots were painful as all hell. I was totally crippled. The ester was Undeclynate too! Ouch!


Cutting the oil will help and warming it does too. Too bad you're going through this. I don't think AS gear is EO based but some people's bodies treat EO as an irritant - for others it makes for smooth, painless injections. That is why I try to do my homework when it comes to sourcing so as to avoid pain at all costs. The way I look at it; you cannot have optimal gains when your body is allocating a fair portion of its resources to repair what it senses as an injury/irritant. The discomfort and resulting stress just has to raise cortisol to a disruptive level.

I tried out a new supplier for the test e cycle I am currently running. It went in smooth on first inject and then there was a lingering dull pain in the following days. I had never experienced pain from test e before so I was bummed. I started heating the syringe in a glass of hot tap water for 5 mins prior to pinning. That solved the problem for me and I have had no pain since. Could be it was just the first few shots after a brief layoff too.

Good luck. Let us know what works for you..


AS most certainly do not use EO - their products are too cheap, not only in cost, but in production. They are not the most sterile of products - with their choice of container (which i will not describe) is not as sterile as it could be.
They tend to use a high BA content in anything other than the most soluble of esters, this is confirmed by personal experience and the opinions of many others.

I was not a newbie to injecting oil intramuscularly by the time i used this company, but if i were i suspect that i would have gotten pain from the majority of their products.. even if they just use a one to two more percent higher BA across the board (to assist in sterility in their non-sterile conditions).

They have a whole forum dedicated to 'happy customers' this is because it is moderated ruthlessly, so if you have an issue that is ignored by placing a ticket - and decide to post on their forum, they simply remove it.

I personally would not trust or continue to use a company that does this EVEN if i personally had no issues with them - simply because i know that IF i were to get a problem, i'd be fucked over.

This is my opinion - and one that i have no problem standing by - with this or other crappy, low quality suppliers.

You definetely need to cut it - i remember cutting some AS Eq (200mg/ml) with some painless Eq i already had i my posession - this is obviously the best option, as you needn't sacrifice the concentration - but if this isn't available i would opt to double the volume of oil, making a previous 250mg/ml product > 125mg/ml.

I would also not inject more than 1ml of the diluted product in any one muscle.. and i would filter after adding the oil - rather than adding a pre-filtered oil to it, and leaving it at that (just to be sure of its sterility).

This should do you fine :wink:



So its saturday morning and my glute that I injected to yesterday with the grape seed cut feels fine and my left thigh still hurts like a bitch.If its just pain then I dont care I was just worried it might be more like an infection or something.

So I will just deal with it, Thanks


when I have used my home brew and it was prop, my very first batch ever was real harsh.
I used to much ba/bb I think
well what worked for me was running the area over with really hot water in the as hot as I could get it without scalding myself

I am not sure if it loosened the muscle up or if it helped to disperse the oil faster,a combo of both I dont know but I know it felt better after.

but yes you found out the hard way about low quality products and how to "fix" them and turn them into good gear
you are well on you rway to being a pro now.

I wouldnt worry about infection, if the area is not red and warm to the touch.
it may be slightly red and warm but im talking a mild burn type red and warm, you will know for sure what I mean if it ever happens.
I think your fine in that aspect just deal with it until the pain subsides


Great info but Im not using EO i have AS.Im very aware of them controlling there board just like that douche on you tube who had that video of himself benching 535 like 20 times but it was really like 185.

Also I have grape seed to cut and I cut yesterdays shot and I have no pain.I just have to wait for my leg to get better, untill then I cant squat.