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My First Tren E/ Test E Cycle Log

Hey guys I’m new to the TNation world but decided to sign up so I can log my first experience on a Test E/ Tren E cycle. I plan on updating the log on a weekly basis with pictures as well as gains in strength and sides that I encounter along the way. I guess you could say that I am doing this for the sake of science to see just how far I can push my body. I just turned 30 in October and have taken a few Test only cycles in the past but that was quite some time ago. My hope is to give people a little insight on the effects of a Test/Tren cycle and possibly gain some feedback on how I could possibly better my cycle from seasoned vets who have been around for a while. I’ve been training for 10+ years as I used to be a college athlete and have gone through a complete body transformation over the past year. Due to an accident I had my weight jumped up to over 260 lbs and at 5’9 you could say I was a fat piece of shit. Over the past year I finally decided to do something about it and have lost over 100 lbs. I have all of my gear on hand and my cycle will be as follows:

10 week Test E/ Tren E cycle:
400mL/wk of Tren E split into two pins
500mL/wk of Test E split into two pins
I’ll be using Aromasin for an AI and have Clomid on hand to use for PCT at the end of my cycle.

As I near the end of my cycle I will dropping the Tren and weaning off the test by cutting dose down to 250mL/wk split into two pins for the final two weeks of the cycle. I’ll be going 2 weeks off of everything before starting my PCT with Clomid dosed at 50mgs EOD for 4 weeks or so.

Tomorrow will Mark the one week point of being on this cycle as I started last Saturday. So far I don’t have any sides to report but I know this is expected with the longer esters and won’t be seeing or feeling any noticable differences until roughly 3 weeks in. I’ll upload a picture that was taken minutes before first pinning of this cycle and will post a new picture every week as I continue to add to this log. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I’m excited to become apart of the TNation family!



Congrats on losing the weight. What’s your diet like now and on and on cycle?
Your cycle is too short at weeks. Should be at least 12. 14-16 better. No need to taper the dosages at the end.
Clomid by itself, especially EOD, is not good. Need to have some Nolva in there.
No HCG or Caber?
I was going to say that you need to hold off til you do a little more research.
Tren is probably the most potent AAS with some terrible sides. Starting with Enanthate wasn’t a great choice. Usually start running tren Ace first to see how you deal with sides. And if they too much it’ll be out of your system in a few days. E sticks around for awhile.
A lot of adjustments to make imo…

Thanks for the quick feedback. I only currently have the Clomid on hand for
PCT and have been on the verge of throwing the Nolva in the mix as well
just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. I have a really solid source
that I can obtain my gear from on a days notice so I will more than likely
be picking up the Nolva to add to my PCT as well. I was going to start with
the Ace initially but have read where a lot of people felt as if the sides
we’re a little less prominent with the longer esters. I will def take note
of extending the cycle out two more weeks granted the sides are tolerable
up to that point.
As far as my diet I am borderline obsessive with logging everything that I
eat. I have been eating an extremely clean diet for the past 12 months
leading up to this cycle and will continue that indefinitely. My calorie
intake is probably not as high as it needs to be as I’m at roughly 2900 per
day with 40% of that being my pro, 25% my fat and 35% my carbs. I would
like to up my calories to the 3000-3500 range but I feel like it’s
difficult to reach that number especially when I am as strict about what
I’m putting in my body as I am. Again thanks a ton for the input. Any and
all suggestions are welcome.

what is your current bodyweight?

My current weight is at 175 and I’d say 12% body fat. And I failed to
mention I’m also gonna be running 500mg of B6 ED.

How about you eat and train hard for another year. Then if your still serious about the lifestyle, go for your first cycle, like a test only one.

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I’ve done 3 previous test only cycles before so this wouldn’t be my first cycle. My last cycle of test only was about a year ago. I’ve had about 1-2 years in between each of my test only cycles. As for the training hard part I’ve been training pretty damn hard since I was 16ish. I was an athlete in high school and went on to be an athlete in college as well. I’ve had some down time periodically in the past 14 years of course but training has been a part of me for a very long time.

Now when it comes to my diet I used to eat like shit up until about a year ago. In the past year I have religiously logged just about everything that I have put into my body. I use a pretty popular app on my cell phone which logs exactly what you eat, your caloric intake and breaks down your macros on a daily basis. This has been my obsession which ultimately led to me loosing 100+ lbs over the last year.

I am currently leaner than I have ever been in my life and am at a level physique wise that I never thought would be attainable for me and I did it all while not on a cycle of any kind. I mean I have abs and a year ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be sitting here with abs and as lean as I currently am. So I figured why not see just how far I can take this and decided to try another cycle only this time I wanted to do more than just a Test only cycle.

I’m a dude that goes into every challenge full steam ahead so I decided why not go with compound of all compounds to add to my test cycle. Go hard or go home right? I’ve been studying up on Tren for the past 2-3 months and although I know I’ve gone against the grain in some aspects for the recommended first time Tren cycle but there were reasons I chose to do so and am fully prepared to deal with the consequences if it turns out I made the wrong decision.

On another note I will be adjusting my cycle to go 12 weeks granted the sides don’t become to much for me to handle. I’m also not going to be tapering down the Test at the end of cycle but will still extend the test out 2wks after I drop the Tren. I’m gonna be adding Nolva with Clomid for my PCT and instead of taking Caber with the Aromasin I will be using B6 at a dose of 300mg 2X a day ED since I have read many studies that claim it works in the same way as Caber at those doses.

I understand the negative effects that B6 at those high of doses could have on the body but for me at this point in time, the pros outweigh the cons. Of course I will be getting blood work done mid cycle to make sure my levels are where they need to be with the B6 in play instead of the Caber and will adjust accordingly if need be.

Ok my bad you on here for people to say that you are right, I’m just saying I think physique wise you probably could have made more progress naturally. Everyone always jumps the gun with drugs. Just my opinion.

No I understand that and your opinion is always welcome. Today is the one week mark of being on this cycle. As expected I haven’t noticed any effects of the Tren or test that I know of. I feel like there is a slight possibility that I am feeling a little extra irritable already but that could most def be a placebo effect bc I didn’t really start to notice it until I was at Walmart on Friday didn’t groceries. And I don’t know a person on the planet who doesn’t get a little edgy while walking through that hell hole. I just noticed that I was getting extra annoyed at people who feel the need to park there cart in the middle of the damn aisle while they are looking at stuff on the shelf or who walk at the pace of a snail around the store looking at their phones. I have to say though that I have improved on almost every one of my lifts at the gym too. It’s a very slight improvement , say 5 or 10lbs, or maybe 2 or 3 extra reps but I’m guessing that could very well be gains that I have made due to the mindset that I am in when I enter the gym knowing that I am on cycle. The whole thing just makes me push myself extra hard whereas I may not have had the same intensity off cycle. But all in all no negative sides as of yet. Oh yeah and I stepped on the scale too and my weight has gone up to 177lbs. This could also be due to eating lunch an hour or so before going to the gym or all of the damn water that I am drinking throughout the day too. I cant tell you how anxious/excited I am to start seeing some visual gains from this cycle. Its getting so ridiculous that I have to keep telling myself not to look in every damn mirror that I pass by but it’s def difficult. Weeks 4-5 can’t get here soon enough but until then I will continue to busy ass and eat right so when that day comes I will be thoroughly impressed.

why are you weighing yourself after eating/drinking? that’s idiotic. You weigh yourself in the morning, after you piss, at the same time everyday. THAT’S going to be accurate. Not in the middle of the day, on a full stomach.

So you’re actually probably more like 173-174, over 10 percent bodyfat.

Nobody gives a shit about B6. not worth mentioning.

You’re on your 4th cycle, you claim to have nearly a decade and a half of hard training. And your body composition is garbage. Find another hobby.

Oh, and I bet you were a terrible college athlete, lol.

Yep I was horrific. Thanks for the input bud.

@flipcollar why do you have no chill? Can you come to my log and roast me please. I really feel it could push me to become a better lifter lol. Srsly tho

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i have a great deal of patience for people who deserve it. We’ve had some very receptive folks come onto these threads over the years, and it works out well for them.

The pharma thread, specifically, tends to have the biggest dum-dums.


@flipcollar I do appreciate any and all comments no whether your bashing me
or not. I didn’t pop out of the womb with 1g of testosterone running
through me and 5% body fat and a deep rooted knowledge of pharma like you.
I’m working at it and doing my best so I’ll take what I want from each and
every comment and leave the rest. Bashing only motivates me more my man so
with all due respect keep it coming


i like your attitude, lol.

honestly, I probably wouldn’t have come in bashing if you were looking for advice. but that’s not what this thread is. You’ve already started a cycle that I think is idiotic for your level of development. For reference, I’m running the same thing right now, essentially. slightly higher test, slightly lower tren. so it’s really hard for me to see how you can justify running the same thing at the point you’re at right now. I’ve always felt it is best to get the most out of less gear, both for health reasons, and for long-term strength goals. If you run cycles that are heavier than necessary, like what you’re doing, at 170 lbs, imagine how much gear you’ll end up having to rely on if you get to a decent size? If I were you, I’d be running a test-only cycle, maybe with an oral, at 500-750 mg/week. that’s a very good place to start.

I see what your saying. Being that I’m a week in already on that cycle do
you think it would be too late and or a bad move to drop the Tren and add
an oral.

i don’t think that’s a bad idea. i’ve varied compounds throughout cycles with no issues.

Do you think a Test and Anadrol would be a more appropriate cycle? I was
wanting to do a Test/Anadrol/Tren cycle on the next go round but what if I
went Test/Anadrol now and waited to introduce the Tren till the next cycle.
At that point I reckon I would have a little more size to me and be ready
to add in something like Tren A during the last say 6 weeks or so of the
next cycle which would he the Test/Anadrol/Tren

yea that was another thing i meant to mention. It’s hard as hell for me to gain weight on tren. Anadrol or dbol are better options for that.

Ok so I will def take that advice and drop the Tren for the time being. I’ll keep running the Test E at 500mL/wk and pick up some Anadrol within the next day or two. Hopefully I can put on a little size with that combo and then revisit the Test/Tren/Anabol combo on the next cycle that I plan out. I appreciate the advice and unlike most hard headed dudes that have made up their mind and won’t waver from what they are currently doing, I’m gonna listen to you seasoned guys and go another route. This will also give me some more time to continue doing some homework on Tren and diets while on a Tren cycle and all that Jazz.

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