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My First Transformation


I would like to hear your opinions about this :slightly_smiling:
Thank you


My opinion is that you need to gain weight instead of get leaner as you have here. You are lean but honestly you look weak.


You were an Auschwitz survivor before, you are an Auschwitz survivor with abs now. But, it LOOKS like you have some really low hanging lats, which with your really tiny waist will make you look huge at about 100 pounds more LOL. Eat,a fucking lot, like 5k calories a day, EVERY DAY, for the next year. You will make some decent gains.

EDIT: You do not make anyone cum on their pants here but pulling your underwear just above your dick. Please don't do that. It's gay.


This is potentially the worst 'transformation' I've ever seen on this site. I'm not even sure you've actually gotten leaner, it could easily be flexing and lighting. And the difference in the back looks like it's based on your posing, since your shoulders are high and contracted in the first picture, while you're flaring in the second. It wouldn't surprise me if you told me you took both pictures on the same day. You're getting my first ever '1' rating, so congrats.

Now put in some work, and pull up your pants.


Damn dude you need to eat


I have a feeling that some of the last few transformations posted (at least the ones I've looked at) are just jokes. At least I hope so.


Wow that was harsh, but pretty spot on though. even if you did lean out a little bit, you have absolutely nothing else going for you. you need to eat nostop, and put alot of time under the bar, gain some size then come back and look for some feedback


Wow this is just sad. OP please eat more and lift.


Yeah bud you got alot of work to do, abs are great but you dont always get to walk around without a shirt. However you seem pretty tall, with a small waist and really low pinned lats. Aesthetically this is a good thing, work really hard, eat a whole bunch and train your lats hard and you will probably look like you can fly.


PS ditch the chain or D-bo will take it


lol ummmmm... I think my 2 year old son has more muscle mass then you. You're so skinny its gross. You kinda look like a corpse man.


im a fatty and would love to lose fat and have abs thats a dream for me

but i think id rather be fat than that skinny, i would listen to the guys on here if ur for real and just eat lots of good food a day forget about bloating and losing ur abs just eat and lift and train

i dont usually post negative stuff on peoples pictures as i know how hard some people work to get where they are etc but serious in ur first pics if u just didnt eat for 2 days u woulda had abs anyways

eat eat eat




Hey boki. I can see that you've worked to reduce your bf and add muscle. At your current body comp, I definitely suggest that you focus primarily on adding mass to your frame. So yea man, increase your caloric intake and move some weight! Good work so far!



I'd take your lunch money, but you need the food! Somebody needs an intervention.


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12 posts and all garbage, awesome.


Thanks to all the criticism, I can conclude that most of them is positive,I hope that they are. :slight_smile:
Next 7-8 month I'm going to work on gaining muscles.


Thanks everybody for positive criticisms.I hope that they are positive :smiley:
It is time to obey you and begin to eat and add muscle to this :slight_smile:
Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:


Forget 7-8 months make it 4-5 years. If your serious about mass you shouldn't ever be hungry again for the next 5 years. Plain and simple.