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My First 'Trainee'

I don’t know where to post this, so I’ll just post here.

I tested my training knowledge over the years on a friend of mine. He joined the gym last week. He wants to lose fat and prepare to go back to his old sport, soccer. I made his program, a modified version of CW’s 10x3. He’s so used to pec deck work with 3x10, so I decided to skip my WS4SB3 sessions and do the workout with him. He was so uncomfortable with the set-rep scheme that he questions the workout everytime. There were also no isolation exercises (No bicep curls? Blasphemy!), so he got really iffy. Still, I guess it helped that I did the program with him.

I also taught him interval training. We used a 200m oval. We ran on the straights and walked on the curves. He liked it a lot.

In any case, he got above average newbie gains on his first 3 training sessions with me. Although he didn’t gain strength, I was surprised. He had a noticeable decrease in abdominal fat, and the fat around his biceps got lost. He maintained his weight, so I’m guessing he also gained muscle.

As a side note, I didn’t know 10x10 with heavy weights could be so effective for increasing ab muscle size. I usually don’t do abs, but I was “forced” to do so since I was training him. After just 1 training session of 10x10, my 6 pack became visible.

Here’s the program I gave him, BTW.

10x3 & 60 seconds rest on all sets
A. Back Squat
B. Deadlift
C. Bench Press
D. Chinups
E. Military Press
F. Seated Row

Am I missing something, or are you really doing 60 sets of 3 per workout?

Hmm, the program you made is balanced. Of course, I assume you keep the intensity relatively low, which is around 80%. 60 sets of 3 at 80% is plausible. I hope you don’t do 60 sets of 3 with 90%.