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My First Track Meet Results

Well I won 1st place in the shotput! For some reason they canceled the discus throw though. Well in high school its a 12 pound ball and I threw it 42.9ft each time landing in the 42 ft range. 46ft is qualifying for the regionals and that’s like 2 months from now. Not bad for my first year ever throwing the shotput.

We only had a week of practice beforehand since our basketball team almost went to the state championship. But I was surprised since I saw this guy 2 times my size and saw he couldn’t throw further than me. He had no technique at all. He just took a hop step and threw. I didn’t use the spin technique though. I used a kick and throw.

Like I had my back turned away from the place that I’m going to throw and then swing my leg and took a hop step and jump and threw. I find throwing this way is a lot more effective than the spin because I can use a lot more leg strength to throw it further. After I threw the first round I heard someone in the background call me hercules. LMFAO!

Not to mention that I had to throw in jeans since my school is so poor that it can’t afford to buy shorts and coach didn’t tell me that we needed our own. But I can’t wait for the next meet now though I’m psyched.

Congrats, 40+ is great for your first meet. Are you a freshman?

Thats a pretty good mark to get.

What is your technique like, do you do a standing throw, spin or what?

Where are you located also? 48-50’ gets you to regionals at my sectionals.

I’m a senior. I may be mistaken IDK it could be 48 ft. I’m in North Carolina. I swing my leg for momentum and do a half spin step then hop and throw at the same time. Like I said we are far behind though because all other teams have had atleast 4 meets already and by our basketball team making it so far in the playoffs it moved us behind in baseball and track which I play baseball too. I go to a 1A school.

Congrats on your track results. Your situation is almost exactly the same as mine, when I was a senior I was big and strong and decided to go out for track and throw the shot for the first time. My first meet I threw 41-42’ with pretty poor form. Over the course of the year you should really work on your balance, with one leg squats, one leg stiff leg deadlifts, and also your power and strength with cleans, snatches, deads and heavy squats.

Also, if you don’t have a good coach you can watch videos on youtube to help you out. By the end of the year I was able to throw 46’ and qualify for the sectional meet. Missed going on to the state however by a couple of feet. Congrats and work hard this year and you will have a great senior season.

Just got done with our second meet of the indoor season.

First meet I threw a 32’ 6" which was pretty horrible. Out of 4 throws, it was the only measured one and it was a standing throw.

Second meet which was today, I threw a 37’ 2". I still had troubles staying in the ring, as I scratched 3 out of 6 throws, but at least I got a decent one measured. I placed second behind a kid who threw somewhere in the 41’ area.

Gonna have to work on some footwork to stay in there. These are freshman and sophomore meets, and I’m a sophomore.