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My First Time on Stage


These are some pics from the couple weeks before to day of competition. I feel I came in way to lean for physique and lost size in the process. Any input on how I look for physique and what needs improvement would be great.
Working on more size to move to WBFF Muscle Model division in the future.


2-3 weeks out


5 days out


Stage shot


its physique why the fuck are you not styling your hair? Sounds gay and dumb as hell but physique is as much as it is about actual body as it is the hair and makeup(whatever that means in guys terms, hygiene? lol}


I had it up. It was very hot and it fell down on stage. If you could not be rude that's great. Give constructive criticism. Don't be an ass hole.


Look good, good development. But if competing in Physique, you need to have the 'Beach' muscles over-developed, chest and arms, which aren't strong points for you. Still, really impressive though, and the Muscle Model thing may be a better fit if you pack on some size.

Have any pics of the wheels? Know they don't get judged in Physique but am curious as their development.


This was from back in May. I have been working very hard to bring up my chest for sure. My arms were about 17" cold on stage for this show so I'm not to far off on arm size for physique. One of my huge problems for this show was how fast I cut. I got shredded but I lost a considerable amount of size. Muscle Model is something I would like to do with a longer prep time. This is a legs pic from about 4 weeks ago. Believe me I work legs very hard! My favorite things to lift actually. Hit 405 on front squats for 7 reps this last week.


Good physique. How tall are you? 17" in contest shape isn't anything to sneeze at, but I wouldn't have guessed it looking at your pics.

Based on what I've seen in terms of judging patterns, I would try to thicken up your chest a lot more. While your build appears fairly dense, it seem that fuller pecs are rewarded.

Best of luck.



Does that mean a bald guy ain't going to cut it? I get the point, although it could have been put a bit softer. Hay if it's about the "Look" my son had that "Not Styling" style and I'm sure he got his share of tail.

I think he'll do just fine. Some more thickness would help. Something is out of proportion if those arms are 17" dry.


Here's a different picture that shows a little more arm size. I am 5'11" but my arms are very long for my height. My chest has definitely been my focus this off season. I've been making good progress on it and I have 3 more months until my cut for a show in March.


Other than the poster that it came from, I think was a legitimate question


Awesome build and conditioning, I agree with the input and criticisms put forward thus so far too.


Physique competitor checking in!

I agree with your original post, you're far too lean for physique. Other than leanness, I would adjust your posing a bit. I realize that you could have been in a transition when your stage shot was taken, but try to keep your chest raised and don't flare your lats as much as you were.

Also, it looks like you're flexing (which could just be due to how lean you are), remember, we bikini guys need to look ripped without trying to look ripped. Flex, but don't give the impression you're flexing.

Show your teeth dude. :slight_smile:

Here's a pic of me on stage: http://goo.gl/C4dbdq (I'm number 92)