My First Testosterone Results Arrived. What Next?


42year male, low libido, ED(managable with 10 mgCialis daily) and PE(manageable with topical spray).

Though I have had been late in hitting puberty(external signs like facial and body hair) and never had a really high libido, after turning 35 and putting on high bodyfat noticed a decline is libido.
Last couple of years worked out regularly, fixed diet and now I am in best shape of my life at 40plus. Thought of getting my Testosterone checked for the first time in my life since the libido hasn’t recovered much and last few pounds of fat are refusing to go away. I have noticed in last few months after starting Ketogenic diet and working out the hair all over my body got thicker and more hairgrowth. Now at 42 I have for the first time a full beard(almost) after few months of Minoxidil 5% topical application.

Results came,
Total Test at 5.73 ng/mL (570 ng/dL), range(1.75-7.81)
Free Test 17.46 pg/mL; range (3.84-34.17). Doctor said both were normal and didn’t want to prescribe any TRT drugs.

I also did a full body medical at the same time and all tests are normal, including Vit D, Bone density(DEXA) and Prostrate. No advice from doctor except to reduce couple of kilograms of body fat.

Curious to know their opinion on the test results and if there is benefit with any suggested treatment.

I would love to get my libido back, stronger and more frequent erections , recover from ED and better performance with lifting. I might visit a doctor in Seattle area and see if one is willing to give a prescription.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


You should get a full pre-TRT work up just in case. Test DHT as well. Based on your limited test results you are mid range with normal SHBG levels. Not a testosterone issue thus far.

This was a general doctor.
I am looking to meet a TRT doctor and get the full pre TRT tests done.

Hello …I got results for second T test and all associated as well.

Here are the results

    Estradiol Serum   38.63 pg/mL,   range ND- 39.8
    DHEA Sulphate    263       range   80-560

    Prolactin Serum  5.84        range 2.10-17.70

    Testosterone Total    656.25,   range 241-827   
                          Free    13.32,  range 6.6-30
     Percentage free T   0.20  range 0.18-0.68

     LH Serum     2.38               range     1.5-9.3
     FSH  Serum   1.81              range     1.4-18

     SHBG Serum   53.6             range  13.0-71

      17A Hydroxyprogesterone  2.38   range 0.59-3.44

      The other questions about my general symptoms. I am 163 cm and 145 lbs.
      Have fat only around belly.

       Appreciate if experienced members can help to understand whats going on.


Since my Estradiol are way high…should I start with 1mg of Arimidex right away

Any help will be appreciated

Your testosterone is good, no need to adjust that. E2 could be causing you issues… I’d go lower on arimidex to start but agree that’s where I’d probably start. Maybe 0.25mg twice a week.

Thanks Texas

            While I wait to meet a TRT specialist, I will start with 0.25(I alreaday got the 1 mg tablets, i guess I can use a pill cutter).