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My First Test/Nolva/Hcg Cycle


After doing a lot of reading, I've decided that I'll likely start my first cycle in the near future. I'm keeping dosages low. If I actually do a cycle, I'm thinking something like this:

Week 1-8
Test Cypionate 250mg/week
Week 8-9
nolvadex 20mg/day
Week 10-12 HCG 1500 iu/week

Does this sound reasonably safe and effective?

Should perhaps nandrolone decanoate be added after week 8 and before the HCG for another 8 or so weeks to help keep any gains (and hopefully make more gains) or would that be pushing it.

Sorry for so many questions, but even after all I've read - I'm not certain about what to do.



Safe, sure. Effective, not really. Run the test for a bit longer 10-12 weeks or so. I'd bump the test dosage up if you don't see the results you want.


Too much nolva. Not enough test. Why hcg when you are only at 250mg test/week?


My reasoning - and please correct me where I'm thinking incorrectly.

When I was younger between 18 and 20 years old, I could do everything completely wrong - 40 minutes of cardio every day before lifting, lift every day using a full body, 1 set of 10-20 reps routine on nautilus equipment.

Still, I made awesome gains. I always had very high natural test levels. Then I got lazy for most of my adult life and I'm 37 trying to get myself good again. I've done OK, I've lost from 300lbs at over 60% body fat down to 185 at 8-10% BF in less than 3 years.

Actually, in 2 years I went from 300 to 170@15% then in the next 9 months, I've gone from there to where I am now.

I think if I can get test levels to my "normal" range, I'll do fine.

The nolva and the HCG are just to keep what improvements, if any I make and keep from growing breasts again. At 300lbs, I was a D cup.

Please correct me where I've misunderstood my reading. I'm new at this and am here to learn.


It sounds like you guys are saying that 250 of test cyp is a safe enough dosage to do for 12 weeks without bad effects or the need for PCT.

Is that correct?

I know that my doc has some people on 250mg/week test for life - no cycling. The blood tests required are expensive and very frequent though.

She generally starts out with progesterone (women's birth control) first for some reason, to suppress estrogen and help boost natural test first I think.


250 mg of test a week is a monumental waste of my time.Lose the hcg,drop nolva dosage and pick the test up to 500 mg a week.You won't be sorry.



Ok so more test/less nolva/no hcg.

I thought the hcg was needed to keep your gains and boost test production back to normal post cycle. All the nolva I could find was in 20mg tabs.

By less nolva, do you mean smaller dosage, or take it for a shorter time?

I'm learning here, I'd like to get it right. Thanks for your replies so far.


250/wk is a VERY high HRT dose. I wouldn't mind a dose that high, but most doctors prescribe 200-400mg/month. Even at this dose you would have endogenous testosterone supression. Think of it this way: if you plan on staying at 250mg/wk for the rest of your life then go for it, you might see moderate imrovements but nothing spectacular in the least. However, if you upped it 500+ mg/wk you would have the same supression but enhanced results. This would be beneficial since you are planning on doing this for weeks. Recovery is the same from 250/wk or 500/wk.

That being said, do what Biscuite suggests.



when should HCG be used? i have read of a threashold of 600mg as a starting point to insert HCG... what do you think?