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My First T-Man Purchase


Lol well I dunno if it's a T-man purchase BUT I figured that would get people to look :slight_smile: Anway I made my first real purchase since starting my new job out of college!

I am now the owner of a 2007 MB SLK280!! Well I guess not the owner as I'm leasing it but you get the idea! Haha when I was signing the papers the guy was like "you must be so excited!!" and I replied, "actually I'm nervous as all hell!"

Haha I have never owned anyone money before (aside from rent), I have always bought my cars in cash. Now I have the pleasure of making payments everymonth that run about $480 a month. I was able to get them down to that price b/c I got 10grand off the price (3,000 less than invoice).

So here's the start of being a man with a T-Man car!

Btw the reason why I am leasing it now for this much is I'm single and don't have many expenses and when my lease is up I plan on leasing a new cheaper car since that will be the time I start saving for a house and starting a family ect.

Haha ok just wanted to tell someone so I can get this financing thing off my chest and maybe brag just a wee bit about the new car!


Cool wheels man. I remember the first time I made payments on a car, and was acting exactly the same way. Just wait until you get a mortgage!

I guess my purchase today qualifies as a T-Man expediture. I ordered an econo-prowler (in black of course) and sandbag from elite. I've been focusing a lot more on conditioning lately and figured I should put the common area behind my house to good use. The neighborhood kids don't play back there so I might as well have fun with "Kratos". Yeah, I named my prowler and I don't even have it yet.


Why didn't you just get the cheaper car now?? Some of those cheaper cars look "hella ballin" IMHO. And girls don't know the diff.

And I don't know if I'd measure my T-manishness by my car. One of the baddest dudes I know drives a suzuki sprint he can barely fit into. But good job managing your finances well enough for this. you are clearly skilled at life. And there is something to be said about a car that practically drives itself. congrats.



a new car is the worst investment you can make.


Laid, you are getting.


I didn't really mean for it to come as "I'm a T-Man b/c I drive a cool car" although that�??s kinda how it came out. I just meant that because I made my first real big purchase and now have the responsibility of paying it off.

Haha I've always driven beaters with the exception of my last SUV which was a 2004 Xterra. So after having 2 cars literally explode on me I wanted to trade in the SUV before it lost all it's value! Lol I've gone through 5 cars now, the first 3 having either exploded and caught on fire or wouldn�??t run anymore so it's nice to own a good one!

Thanks for the compliments man! Being a financial analyst I better is able to plan my own finance :stuck_out_tongue:


Buying a car is not an investment. Nobody ever expects a return on their vehicle, and if they do, they need a swift kick to the side of the head.


Wow, you're a financial analyst and deciding on such an expensive car? Well, that's fine and dandy if you are rolling in the money, but I guess you'd be a bit better off going for something cheaper, but still nice.

Then again, you can't put a price on getting laid. I've got money saved because I'm a cheap ass and don't buy nice things. I'm not getting any ass in my 10 yr old Civic btw. I'm suppose to be investing my money too, but that's not going as planned exactly.


Good for you Crew. I did the same thing and will recommend it to my sons also.


I totally agree with this. A new car is about the worst investment you could ever make. Hell can you imagine a stock that drops by 20% as soon as it gets put in your name?

However I am getting a return on my investment as I used the left over cash from my trade in (after down payment and first month payment) to buy some furniture which I was renting. Thus getting rid of my $360 a month furniture payment. Even after buying furniture I still have enough for about a year's worth of payments.

I fully expect to be leasing a much cheaper car once my lease is up. Besides even after paying for it since I got it for less than what the dealer paid I COULD make a profit off it if I sold it right now. Not than I am though.


You know....a $150 bottle of tequila is a bad 'investment' also...$350 for a bottle of wine ? Not a good 'investment' either...but...life's for living....course you don't wanna blow all your money on cars, booze, etc....but...sounds like you got a plan Crew. Don't get buyer's remorse.


Well if you are risk adverse (so it would seem) I would suggest you ladder some CD's. With the way a lot of banks are at the moment you can get a CD with a 5% return, which isn't too bad. Its also a great savings tool (since you like to save!). Bascially say you need X amount of dollars in 6months, then X amount in a yr ect. Buy a 6 month CD, and a 1yr CD at the same time. Then you have a set income at those points and you are garunteed a certain return!

Haha I know how to save, I just don't do such a great job at it, but thats why I put 10% of my paycheck into my retirement fund.


Congrats on the new ride Crew.
2007 MB SLK280 looks awsome and comes standard with the 'pussy magnet' option, enjoy.

It almost looks like the real T-Man car Mercedes Benz SLR.

Don't forget to hit the gym though, as it's the person that makes the car, not the other way around.



Why would you get a CD when you can get an online savings account at about the same interest rate - and with it, have the money be fully liquid? A CD isn't the worst thing, but far from ideal.

I would rag on the OP for being incredibly financially stupid with this "purchase" (read: throwing money out the window), but I won't. I'm sure it's a nice ride. Worth $6,000/year (that you'll never see again)? No, but nice nonetheless.


I made a T-man purchase today, too. I bought my first dip belt. :wink:


You finally did it! Sweet ride. Everyone buys something extravagant at least once in their lives...enjoy it!



Especially of you are leasing it.


Hey guys thanks for the congrats and any comments really!

The funny thing is I could sell the car and make a profit even with the lease as I got it at such a great discount- gotta love being an employee!

I would def say its worth $6,000grand a year plus this actually gives me more financial freedom than I had before!

I got a check today from the dealership which will go towards new furniture (saving me just over $300 a month) and a big purchase for the misses coming up in the near future.

So yea now that I got that buyers remorse out of my system I feel much better and confident about where I stand.

Haha only if I had a trunk though...


Hey man, it's worth it if you have fun. Life's for the living, as someone above me just posted. Frankly, sometimes you just have to go for it. Life's more fun if you don't ALWAYS take the sensible, penny saving route.

Speaking of which...why did you decide not to buy the car, but just to lease? I would definitely want to lock that thing down so when I paid the money it would eventually be all mine. Just curious.

Congrats, that's a sweet ride man.


Congrats. I love that car. Nice design, but little to small for me since I have to haul around some equipment.