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My First: Sust/Anabol and Maybe Deca

Hi guys, i posted here before about a year ago but decided against steroids. Now i feel i am ready.
I’m 23 years old.
bodyfat ? maybe 10%

My friend is an experienced user and he said he’ll order me my first cycle.
He suggested a 7 week cycle of sustanon, deca and anabol.
I said maybe i should drop the deca since its my first cycle and run the sust and anabol.
How does this sound:
sustanon 150mg EOD
anabol 100mg / day
7 weeks, then pct nolva 40/40/20/20.

Why not wait? Your under 25 and you still have some good years of training ahead of you.

I see your above the 200lbs mark but still.

Have you tried dialing in your your eating/rest/training?

I like the fact that you prefer to save the deca for the future and that your laid out cycle and PCT is sound. I don’t know if it’s your time to start, but you certainly present yourself better than most.

You omitted one important element: an AI.