My First Sus and Tren Cycle

Hey guys,

Was just going to put up my cycle plan that I’m about to do, just want your thoughts and tips back on it if you’s have any

So I’m going to do sustanon 250 200mg every week.
Tren ace starting on the 2nd week 100mg every 3 days
Then wait 2 weeks after cycle and start pct with nolvadex
What do you’s think?

Cycle length? Previous cycles? Goals?

12 week cycle, I’ve done test prop and sus 250 together, which then I found out was stupid to I was just wasting test and I’ve ran sus 250 by itself for 12 weeks, but they were a couple years back now. so this will be my 3rd cycle. My goal is to put on as much lean muscle mass as possible, I’m doing keto diet now and will be doing it all the way through the cycle.

Tren isn’t really noted for its bulking abilities. A lot of guys have trouble out-eating it and use it on cuts or recomps. You should probably be able to get serious mass gains on test alone without the risk of all the sides that come with tren. Instead of doing test/tren why don’t you just run test at 500/w and see how spectacular it can be?


And pretty damn spectacular it is!

Yeah I’m pretty keen to see what happens with this stack tho, I’ve read heaps of people get wicked results with this stack, the sides are concerning but I’m willing to risk it

Damn straight it is. I find it quite amusing that you cant get over the fact that your wrong :joy:

Adex dose has stayed the same for the last 15 days, that blood test was 5 days ago. So if anything it may have dropped a tad. So no dice once again

Yeah highly doubtful, I feel great.
Have you actually done a cycle before? You throw out all this info but I haven’t yet seen anything about yourself and cycling or trt etc

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