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My First Strongman Contest.

I’m gonne compete for the first time (strongman or powerlifting) on July 29th. None of the events make me really uncomfortable, with the exception of the stones. I have never worked with them and don’t really know how to approach them. I think I am fucked. Any advice or coaching from some experienced lifters on here would be greatly appreciated.

enough defeatisum! if u think that u really r screwed! i cant offer any proper technical advice, but i will say see the stones as an obsticle to be hurdled, get in the zone, 'look at this pathetic lump of rock sitting in the way of my glorious victory,

im a member oof the most advanced lifeform on this planet, i can easily move this stone’ then win that event. are there any gyms near you where the competitors train? perhaps you could get help from them

If you have never touched a stone at all, your best bet would be to show up early to the competition and just try it out. Every competition I have been to has had most of the equipment out for people to handle and warm up with pre-contest.

Of course, since you have over a month, you should be able to find someone in your area with some stones to try out. Talk to the contest promoter and see if he knows of any training groups in your area. Or even look around strength forums. If you can’t find someone on this website, try a more strongman-dedicated website.

Good luck.

that is all well and good to have a posative attitude, but you need to practice them before the show if you want to do good. go to nastrongmaninc.com or marunde-muscle.com and look for places to train on those forums. i have done 2 shows. took 2nd in the first and 1st in the second.

realize it is a long comp and if you are near the top in all the rest one bad event will not kill you. pm me with the events of the show and ill see what advice i could give you but im new and the other forums are the best place to go for strongman

Sounds like a lot of fun, make sure to update with pictures on the event.

I agree show up early for sure if nothing more but you need to get your hands on them nothing can really simulate them.

Good one you for just stepping up though bro. Youll have a blast and learn a ton here as well as meet good ppl im sure


i will post pictures (if i don’t embarass myself)

Good advice so far. Also, make sure you get a decent tacky that holds up well in the heat. Elite Tacky (from Jackal’s Gym - google it) works pretty well for this.

That, or bum some off someone there.