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My First Strongman Contest

Mass State Strongman/Strongwoman Championship

The good news is I came in second place. The bad news is there were only 2 women in my category :wink:

The contest was great! I did a pretty good job for my first time I think. I was beat by Shayna Fitzgerald, who came in 3rd at nationals last year, so I figured if I could stay anywhere close to her I would be doing really well.

350lb tire flip, 400lb sled drag (50’ each) - did well on the tire, but the sled didn’t drag smoothly on the pavement. Ran out of time (75 seconds) before finishing the sled. So did Shayna and somehow I must have beat her by just a few inches.

150lb Viking Press - this was the event I was most worried about and unfortunately I couldn’t get any reps. It was just too freakin heavy and the handles were very far apart which made it really hard.

350lb Conan’s Wheel - I got almost 2 full turns, which I was pleased with.

Odd Object Load - This was my first time with this and it was hard. I managed the 116lb round stone and the 130lb block. I struggled, but managed to get the 145lb keg on the platform, but ran out of time before I could stand it up (so it didn’t count). I was really proud of myself for sticking with that keg and getting it up there, though.

25,000lb Truck Pull - I managed to get 19’6" on this. It was really hard and I can’t compare it to anything else I’ve ever done. Most competitors got stuck in the same area, there were some cracks and uneven spots on the pavement which made it really hard. I was pleased with how I did.

So it was exciting, nerve-wracking, frustrating and fun. I am happy with how I did for my first time and motivated to improve and continue to compete. Shayna was so nice the whole time and I enjoyed talking with her. She invited me to come train with her, which I would love to do if I can make it some time.




Viking Press - 150lbs

Conan’s Wheel - 350lbs

Odd Object Lift

116lb stone
130lb block
145lb keg
160lb stone
175lb stone

Truck Pull - 25,000lbs

Wow. That is really inspiring. I’m so glad you posted those videos.

When you did the keg lift and the truck pull I found myself leaning trying to help you along.

Was it not a great feeling to do it?


Check out the trophy! :smiley:

[quote]Jillybop wrote:
Check out the trophy! :smiley:

Okay, that totally rocks.

Great job Jilly! The odd object ;ift and Conan wheel look serious. When is the next one?

um, you pulled a 12,000 pound truck…
WOW!! That’s all I’ve got to say!!!

Very, very cool! Good job Jilly!


I loved the truck pull! If I did that it would be my whole reason for doing the competition, just to see how far I could move the truck :slight_smile:

So, how sore are you? lol

[quote]Jillybop wrote:
Truck Pull - 12,000lbs[/quote]

Oh my God, look at you go! How exciting!

And I agree, the trophy totally rocks! Congratulations!

That’s awesome, J-Bop! Congratulations on doing so well in your first Strongwoman competition. So, when’s the next one? :slight_smile:

Love the trophy!

Nice Job…and even if there were only two – you still had to compete and finish :wink:

Great job Jilly. Looks like a ton of fun:)