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My First Strongman Competition


I just competed in my first strongman competition. I found out about it with only 3 days notice so I wasn't well prepared, but decided to do it anyway. Now that I have a starting point, I can set some goals for next time.

I competed as a novice and placed 5th out of 7. The events were as follows:
1. Max Log Press
2. Carry and Flip Medley(170 lb farmer's then 660 tire flip)
3. Axle Deadlift For Reps(315 on a fat bar)
4. Hand Over Hand Truck Pull
5. Atlas Stones(185, 195, 225, 250, 280)


Nice job, I'd like to do one myself...


The stones.






...and finally, me pissed because I can't get the 250


That looks awesome!

How'd you feel after the competition?

I might migrate towards strongman after getting better at powerlifting.

Looks like fun.


Congrates...how did you do in the other events? The first one is always the toughest to complete and get over. After this one, you will be psyched for the next handful.

I would reccommend training for one...and more then two-three days out. More power to you bro...if you need help getting ready for the next one, please get in touch...i can give you some advice and pointers.

Strongmen comps are FUN!!!



I'm currently training for strongman, yet never competed. How did you find out where the competition was held? What kind of numbers do I need to be training for on the log press, provided I compete in the novice? Thanks, it looks like a blast.


Huge props on the total and good for you going on such short notice. A lot of us, myself included, are often afraid to turn out for meet with so little notice.

Keep after it man!


Great job! Welcome to the sport.


Overall, I'm satisfied. Not necessarily with the results, but that I finally got out and competed. Like I said, now I have a starting point and can set future goals. I thought I could have or should have done better, but it just didn't happen.

I got 210 on the log press. The farmer's were easy, but the tire was brutal. I got 12 reps on the fat bar deads. I was very disappointed in that. I easily had strength enough for over 20, but didn't stay chalked up. I started losing grip and didn't think enough to re-chalk. I pulled the truck 75 feet in around 37 seconds. And I could only get up to 225 on the stones. I could lap the 250, but just couldn't stand up with it.

I feel I had the most trouble with the tire. I was one flip away from 50 feet and just couldn't get it. I need to work on my technique. I feel I spent to much energy muscle-ing it. This was, however, the first time I had even touched a tire.

I also definitely need to work on overhead lockout. I cleaned 220 easy and felt like I could've cleaned 250, but I just couldn't lock it out.

I definitely plan to be more prepared for my next comp, I just wanted to finally put myself out there and say I did it. I strongly recommend others do it, regardless of strength level. It was a blast.


Most comps are posted on the NA Strongman site




Hey thats cool mate. I was thinkin of doin my first strongman as well but was a little unconfident about it. im not sure if im strong enough. i can deadlift 484 pounds, bench 300+ (for one), clean 264 (for one) and leg press 770 (for ten reps). Is this acceptable or would I be blown out of the water?


You don't say how much you weigh. If you weigh 275 your lifts aren't great and if you weigh 150 they're quite good.
No matter what, I'd say enter a strongman competition. But train specifically--do as much event training as you can.


What weight did you compete at?


I weighed 205, but there was no weight restriction on the novice division. had there been no novice division, I would have been in the lightweight--231 and under.


Bville - I'm not sure how big you are, but remember, while core strength is important, there's alot more that goes with strongman. I would try out a couple of the events first and then you'll see where you really stand. You'd be surprised what you can put up once you learn some of the apparatus.


Hey! No sweat.. At least you got to get you feet wet. Nothing like that near where I live. I wish I had some stones to train with. Good luck on your next competition. You will better second time around.