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My first Strength Routine, Please Critique!!


Hi this is gonna be my first strength routine after a year of hypertophy workouts.

it start with 80% of the 1RM

Day 1:

Stiffed leg deadlift:3x6
Military press:4x6

Day 2:

Sumo Deadlift:4x6
Pull Ups:4x6
Narrow Grip Bench:3x6
Barbell Shrugs:3x8
Weighted Sit Ups:1 to failure

Day 3:

Power cleans:6x4
Front Squat:4x6
Barbell Curl:3x6
Forearm and Grip:2-3x15

Day 4:

Bench press:6x6
Bent over row:3x6
Weighted sit ups:1 to failure

my goal is to compete in strongman and powerlifting.



Hmm...well...at least you didn't post a "just bench three times a week" routine!

1) How long have you been training?

2) What are your # in the big three?

3) Have you already considered a true and proven 5x5 routine (Bill Starr, Madcow, Stronglifts...), or West Side For Skinny Bastard, or Wendler's 5-3-1 (many PL and strongman competitors are dong it with great results)?

IMO, your routine has too much work (both daily and weekly), and each session has no real focus; you'd do better with a squat day, a bench day, and a DL day, with a variation of the main lift (working up to a top set) and some assistance work (chosen to adress your weaknesses).

Also, set of 6 are more in the functional hypertrophy range, you need to go heavier (not all the time, but anyway...).

Bottom line: pick a proven program and follow it for at least a year, then make your own adjustements.


he says hes been training for a year for size.


if you wanna compete in PL you need some triples and singles in there 5/3/1 would be best IMO.


I made this following the 5/3/1 method. what you think?

Military day:

Military press:5/3/1
DB Incline:5x10
BB Shrugs:5x10
Chin Ups:5x10

Deadlift day:

Romanian Deadlift:5x10
Rack Deadlift hold:5 Sets
Sit Ups:5x15

Bench day:

Bench press:5/3/1
DB Bench Press:5x10
Bent Over Row:5x10
Skull Crushers:5x10

Squat day:

Back Raise:5x15
Front Squats:5x10
Barbell Curl:5x10


Ya you need to lower the rep's or pyramid them around 5/3/1. Doing 6 to 8 reps will be a lot of mass gain.


Is there any chance your a fan of Black Label Society? jw


I love Deadlifting. But its easy to over do it on them. I would keep it to one heavy session a week.

I did a lot of bodybuilding type routines when I first started before I learned better. I did Bill Stars 5-5 and got great results ..I would highly recomend it. Its a great way to get into training for strength. Just make sure you follow it closely. Maybe ad a little ab work..but not much else.

On the 5/3/1 I would replace the leg curls and leg presses with front squats and romanian deadlifts or good mornings. Otherwise it looks good.


yes exactly im a big black label and zakk wylde fan


I'd just add chins on MP day, and some bench press (BB or DB) 5x10 on BP day.

Enjoy your training!


Wht's progression in Microcycle/week?


Week 1: 5x65% 5x75% 5x85%
Week 2: 3x70% 3x80% 3x90%
week 3: 5x75% 3x85% 1 or more reps x 95%
week 4: Deload

after deload start the routine again adding 5 pounds to your 1 rm.
(in 5/3/1 method your 1rm is 90% of your real 1rm)


a last question: should i do calves? in wich day?


when you gonna start this?


next week, im gonna take this week off


hey wich day should i do calves??


post how it goes.
id like to see how you progress


Just to keep the upper-lower structure, you can do it either on DL or on squat day, but it doesn't really make a big difference. Remember to go AMRAP (but not to failure) on your last 5/3/1 set!