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My First Steroid Cycle Transformation

Hey everyone, some time ago I did my first cycle but never really posted the results… which I promised to some guys here asking about my stats…
Anyway, I’ve done multiple cycles since, but this is my first and of course the best cycle gains wise, so I wanted to share my experience and results :slight_smile:

My protocol:

  • Testosterone E 625mg (8)
  • Winstrol oral 40mg first 4 weeks, then suspension 50mg/day for the next 2 weeks (6)
    -Anastrozole 0.5/eod

My stats before & after:

  • Height 6ft1 no change :smiley:
  • Weight 205lbs to 226lbs
  • Body fat, I’ve no idea… you be the judge…
  • Waist ~34 no change or maybe slight
  • Bi size 17 to 18 inches
  • Leg size 26.6 inches, don’t know before…



I am no expert but i only see a little difference , if any. :frowning:
Maybe the ‘after’ photo is not doing the justice.

Well, I think people expect steroids to be that “magical” and you instantly blow up to ifbb size…

As you can see I already had the muscular base at 205lbs 6ft1… before juicing I did it 5 years naturally and went from 185 to 205.

The after photo is 20 pounds of quite lean muscle, my goal was not to just bulk up and lose definition.

All in all, it’s more about illusion and not the size… body fat is the most important thing.

It must be either 1) i am not capable enough to see/notice it 2) the photo (lights/shadows) is limiting what i see… Plus as you said , you’ve already had a pretty nice body before getting into roids.

Otherwise it’s nice to hear that you gained a lot of lean muscle during your cycle :+1:

20 pounds? Even 10 pounds of contractile tissue is a night and day difference, and I can only see a slight difference between the two photos. At a test dose like that it’s very likely you gained mostly water and glycogen. My first test cycle of 500mg/wk I gained like 8 pounds in the first week. Trust me, none of it was muscle. If your training and nutrition was objectively on point, then maybe your gear was fake or underdosed. Now a days even test is faked. Most sources are shit.

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Were you 226 when the after photo was taken or was that the weight you were after your last shot and before PCT?

I gained 18 pounds (weighed after I lost the water weight) when I run 500 for my first cycle and it was literally night and day, plus I wasn’t as lean as you.

What was your nutrition like?

??? You state this as if 500mg isn’t a decent dose. For most this is enough to reach an androgen index of around 5x what they’d naturally produce.

It should be noted genetics play a pretty big role, perhaps he didn’t respond as well as you or I would. Another prospect to take into account is that OP looked pretty damn good to begin with. His gains shouldn’t be compared to the avg DYEL user hopping on and blowing up.


Yes, I agree with you 100% … thank you for explaining all this. Esp genetic factor as my T levels are 2106ng/dl at 500mg test c and I have pretty high shbg.

Back to the topic, of course my gains were not 100% only lean muscle… I didn’t say that and I think it’s impossible. All said and done I’ve maintained at about 218lbs after this cycle as I read my diary right now.

Currently I’m in low 230’s similar bf % as I’ve done 2 more cycles since.

So 13 pound increase? I can see that. I would guess you’ve put a portion of that on your legs too which we can’t see.

Any pics of you currently? Would be interested to see how you look after a couple more cycles.

Well done, you look great.

My intentions were to say that such a high test dose would cause a lot of water retention, not that it was a low dose to cause little muscle gain. Could’ve worded it better. He clearly didn’t gain anywhere close to 20 lbs of muscle is what I am trying to say

And it goes to show that you are not so knowledgeable about some important things…

  1. We metabolize testosterone differently, which is why I need 600mg while someone else might only need 400mg for similar levels.
  2. If all I gained was water and glycogen I would have lost definition which I clearly didn’t… I never said that all of this was 100% muscle and as I already said I maintained 218lbs…
  3. Can you figure out why I didn’t put on a lot water? No you can’t… Let me tell you why… and the answer is winstrol and better diet than probably 90% of you here plus controlling estrogen.
  4. Difference between gaining lean muscle on already pretty muscular body vs like most dyel people who jump on the juice way too early.
  5. And finally, never ever understimate winstrol and if you know wtf you are doing it’s the single best muscle hardener and the strength gains are comparable if not equal to anadrol (yes I’ve done anadrol after this).

This is IMO a huge factor. I along with a few others I know were pretty developed when we started AAS. We were the guys who had 5-10 years of serious lifting before starting (I am the weakest of the three with a SBD of 505 in wraps, 365, and 565 lbs, the other two are ahead of me, one pulls low 800s) . We were all underwhelmed with the results of testosterone only cycles.

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Well, thank you. I do have some recent pics but yes as I see now myself I have put on some fat but I’m kinda bulking… not too much bf but not where I consider ideal…

Currently off but EQ is still in me only 10 days after last inj…

I weight 238 atm so gonna cut on some test and anavar in about 6 weeks… and then pct hard… I consider to B&C sometime in the future so I don’t care…

Exactly, I didn’t do test only to put on water and lose definition…
I wanted to stay hard and lean bulk instead. The less muscle you have the easier it is to put on more and 10 pounds looks night and day on untrained body with the right bf ofc. To guys like us even if we gain 15 or so pounds it is more subtle and requires trained eye to really see the difference.

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At a certain point one just looks big. In BBing, there are plenty of examples where guys gain a lot in the off season, and come into contest with more muscle. Because they already looked huge the year before, it is a lot more subtle to notice than if an untrained guy gained 15 lbs of muscle.

I think Ronnie is about 225 lbs here (1998 self reported weight).


And in the 290s approaching 300s here.

If an average untrained dude put on 75 lbs of quality mass, people would not even recognize the guy. On Ronnie he just went from huge to gigantic. I think seeing 15 lbs on his frame would be hardly noticeable.

Your legs in that pic look great. They look leaner than your upper body which for me is the opposite. Did you jsut get done working them out?

I see the difference and its the same thing for me. I go from fit guy to guy that looks big and still fit. Or at least big for my size…

Really good set of legs You just need to loose a bit of fat on the stomach and i think you will look fantastic,
Saying that i think i would trade my abs for legs like yours ! Lol :joy:

Was at the gym today, talking to a guy that’s going to compete for the first time. His upper body is paper-thin-skin lean, I mean it looks like way under 10% BF. Striations all over, veins from dick-root to pecs. Then he said, I gotta cut more weight. I was like why? He showed me his legs. There were barely distinct muscles recognizable.

I‘m similar in this regard. Full six pack, upper body looks like 11%, legs look like 18 haha

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Ronnie said on joe Rogan, he walked around 3% BF in the off-season hahaha

Not to discredit your point, you’re absolutely correct, just wanted to point that out about Ronnie since I can’t imagine someone walking around 3% all year

I think the real issue here is we are trying to judge a before and after with two pics that both suck. If you had better, consistent lighting in both pics then it would be easier to gauge. I also didn’t allude to you not gaining any size, even 5 pounds of contractile tissue is night and day difference. The pics were hard to judge though