My First Starting Strength Log

Monday March 2nd 2015
Squats 3x5 60kg
Press 3x5 90kg still going strong
Rowing and chins

Monday March 2nd 2015
Squats 3x5 60kg finally putting a bit of weight through the hip!
Press 3x5 95kg still going strong
Chins and rows

Wednesday March 4th 2015
Squats 3x5 65kg still sore but getting there
Bench 5,4,3 127.5kg
Deadlifts worked up to 1 set of 6 at 200kg

Friday March 6th 2015
Squats 3x5 70kg sore but still improving
Press 5,4,3 97.5kg first time ive missed reps on this

Considering a reset on bench and press now that my fractional plates have arrived as minimum increase was previously 2.5 kg in my gym (5.5lbs)

Monday march 9th 2015
Squats 75kg 3x5 still too sore to get serious weight on the bar!
Bench press 3x5 127.5kg got my reps! Gonna go up in 1kg jumps now I have fractional plates

Didn’t have much time today so that was it!

Weds March 11th 2015
Squats 3x5 80kg still feels sore but really coming along now
Press 97.5 kg 3x5
Deads worked up to 205x5

Friday March 13th 2015
Squats 3x5 85kg decided not to increase the weight - still feels sore
Bench 3x5 130kg felt I had more reps in me but didn’t want to deviate from the program
TBar rows 70kg 3x10 increase the weight by 2.5kg next time

Monday March 16th 2015
Squat 3 x 5 100kg a little sore but getting there
Press (I have now changed from Viking to military) 3x5 60kg starting light
Chins 3 sets

Weds March 18th 2015
Squat 3x5 105kg
Bench 132.5kg 3x3 missed reps here
no time for anything else

Friday March 20th 2015
Squats 3x5 110kg still feeling the hip but gradually improving
Press 3x5 62.5kg feels weird after Viking press!
Deadlifts 1x5 210kg

Monday MaRCH 23RD 2015
Squat 3x5 115kg
Bench 5,5,4 131kg

Monday March 30th 2015
Been away for a while but back on it today
Squats 120kg 3x5 very little pain now so hopefully this is the start of my squat gains
Bench 131kg 5,5,2 stalling here 1 more attempt (to be expected I have lost 12 pounds so far)
All I had time for today!

Weds April 1st 2015
Press 65kg 3x5
Deadlift 1x5 215kg
Deadlift heavy single 250kg
Bench heavy single 145kg